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I was looking at Instant Attitudes because I wanted to point it out to a few people. And I came across this shirt...

I don't want to adult today

I don't want to Adult today.
I don't even want to Human.
Today I want to Cat.

What a day

Jul. 19th, 2017 03:54 am
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Made a run out to ENU (late) this morning. Got the stuff I wanted ( a couple PCI gigabit ethernet cords and a DVI to HDMI cable. Also picked up a few cables from the bix boxes of "free" stuff (power cord, VGA cable, HDMI cable)

But it was a quarter mile from the bus stop to ENU and (of course) another quarter mile back. And I'd not grabbed a water bottle before leaving because I didn't want to wait for the next bus. Silly me.

So I was moderately wiped out by the time I got home. Took a while to recover (probably longer than I should have) and took a shower and changed clothes.

That meant I was running late for my meetup with [personal profile] alatefeline. On top of that the second bus was running way late. So I got to Powell's ten minutes after that already late time I'd have gotten there.

Went in and grabbed a book I wanted to buy (actually there were a *lot* I wanted to buy, but my budget's kinda tight for the rest of the month)

Then I went looking for [personal profile] alatefeline. We'd agreed to meet up in the coffee shop, and I knew from the texts we'd been exchanging that they were already there. They'd told me they be wearing a blue hat. Finally spotted them. (You can tell that we are both somewhat misgendered because they said it was blue, but I'df have described it as sky blue though it was actually a bit paler. :-)

The coffee shop is often a maze because of how close the tables are and the way chairs are often left out. It was worse than usual, but I only had to go about three times as far as the "direct" route would have been.

We had a nice chat. Gaming, SCA, SF&fantasy, and various other things. after quite some time, we got up and I went to show them where the pocket "survival" thingie I'd gotten there was. Of course, they'd rearranged things. And they didn't have it. But there were several other neat things.

We could have hung out longer, but my legs were starting to tell me I'd been a bad girl. So I regretfully, bid them farewell and went to buy my book. I knew I had some credit on my Powells card from selling some books a year or so back.

Turned out I had a lot more than I thought. After buying my book, I still had $11 left. I could have bought the entire trilogy instead of just the first book. Oh well, I need to make another Powells run one of these days anyway.

Caught the 20 with no problems. Just missed the 71. So I had to sit out in the hot sun for another 15 minutes.

Finally got home and made myself a sandwich so I could take my meds. Tried to do some stuff on the computer but gave up. Wound up taking a 4 hr nap.

After that I felt better (though my thighs are still mad at me for some reason). I dug out the stuff from ENU and started messing with things.

Cards are installed and working fine. The cable seems to work, but the cable box won't send at a resolution the computer monitors I tried would accept. I'll try it with the Bluray player after the inspection is over.

Have to discuss getting together another time with [personal profile] alatefeline.. It was fun.
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Had another bad insulin episode last night. Shortly after the insulin-N shot I started sweating a lot. It was warm in the apartment, and I'd been doing some exercise (cleaning for today's inspection) but this was excessive.

Grabbing the glucometer, and yep, 49. Blargh. Grabbing some juice, then some chocolate. 10 minutes later it was back in the normal range, but I was still feeling like crap. Had some other food and check it a few more times being going to bed.

Fortunately, they appear to be putting off the inspection til this afternoon (which explains the "coffee and donuts 10:00-11:30) thing they put up the other day.

I've just had some breakfast, and I'm gonna finish up the lasrt bits of rearranging things to look less cluttered.

I suspect it was the stress (inspections are *always* stressful) that did it this time.
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Do not plug the vacuum cleaner into an outlet in the living room if the air conditioner is also plugged into an outlet in the living room.
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Ok, as some folks know, someone here in Oregon sued for the right to list their gender on their ID as "other". and they won.

Back in May or June it was announced that Oregon DMV was going to change the process and forms to allow anyone to do that.

I grabbed a copy of the "Change your Gender Designation" form back in June, but it hadn't been updated. eventually I'm going to upload it to my website as historical document.

Old Oregon DMV form for change of gender designation

It's got two parts. The first is filled out by the person requesting the change. It has the usual "I'm not doing this to commit fraud, blah,blah" stuff.

The second part had to be filled out by a shrink, social worker or the like and they had to attest that in *their* opinion, the change was necessary.

Fairly normal for such stuff.

Here's the new page:

Yep, it links to the same application you fill out to renew or replace your drivers license or state ID. Only change from the old form for *that* is changing the option in the "sex" box from M & F to M, F, and X.

No more gate keeping, just fill out the same form everyone else does and pay your money.

Since I've never been fond of my middle name (don't ask), I'm thinking of changing it to Brooke, the name I use when I'm presenting en femme. That way I can get some debit cards as Brooke [last name] as well as ones in my current name.

I'd looked into doing it using a DBA (doing business as), but you have to refile that every so often. Getting one with my middle name shouldn't require anything but a bit of talking.

I'll probably wait until I do that to change the gender marker on my ID.

This is going to be lots of fun though. Everyone in Oregon is going to have to change their databases to add that X. Ditto for lots of businesses and agencies outside Oregon. Which will provide some much needed shaking up.

Why do I say they'll have to? Because while *I* wouldn't spend the money on suing them if they don't, other people *will*.

Also, I can't wait for the "head explodes" incidents as folks with a X marker present their *legal* IDs to various inflexible folks in Oregon and nearby states, to say nothing of states far away.

First few Federal applications for things are gonna be fun too.

Do note that several other countries allow an "other" marker already, up to and including their passports. so it's not like it wasn't going to become a problem anyway.
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Earlier in the week I had managed to weed all of the plot but where the strawberries are *and* transplant the "stray" strawberry plants into gaps in that section. I wasn't too worried if they'd survive, we've got too [censored] many of them anyway.

Thursday I hoped to plant the rest of the starts Fay'd picked up but it was raining a bit more than I wanted to deal with. I did go ahead and set them out in roughly the spots I'd plant them, but left it at that.

Today, it's obviously been raining off and on, but it wasn't raining when I went out a bit ago. so I managed to get them all planted.
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Friday I went to run some errands. Mostly a trip to the hardware store to get a nut for the grabber thingie I bought a while back. I need that to get stuff off the floor without having to bend over, or worse kneel down.

I'd been picking up some recycling that'd spilled from the bag it was in, and all of a sudden "Spung!" one of the two suction cup shaped things was gone.

After some search I found it,but not the acorn nut that had held it on. Since I'm trying to get the place presentable in anticipation of the "annual" inspection (I use quotes because this is the one by the management company, there's another one by HUD later in the year, and sometimes others) I needed to get it working again.

Getting the 71 to the Parkrose transit center was easy. But once there, texting the Tri-Met info number with the stop ID said the next 21 was "scheduled" for half an hour from then. When it says "scheduled" instead of how many minutes that either means the bus in question doesn't have GPS (so they don't know exactly where it is) or (rarely) that there's problem.

The time came and went. Finally the *next* bus (which also showed "scheduled" (WTF?) showed up.

Note that the driver of the 71 had said there were some sort of problems, including one lane of I-84 being close. and there'd been an insane amount of traffic on Sandy.

Any, t was only a few minutes to the hardware store.
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May. 31st, 2017 03:10 pm
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Wel, I finally ran the freebie bike down to Bike Gallery. They told me it would cost more than it was worth to bring it up to par (new rear wheel, new rear deraileur, new brakes, new cable for everything as well as the new seat and post I knew about)

S O I let them have it for whatever they can salvage from it.

I continued on down to Stark's Vacuums and picked up a cheap upright. It'll do for a year or so, and I'll definitely have managed to buy a *good* one by then. Gonna see if I can get a refurbished Rainbow.

This also means I can get an air conditioner sooner.
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Tuesday the high didn't reach 60F. We hadn't yet hit 70F this year. Wednesday, the high was 83. and it looks to be the same today.

Yes, the first day of 2017 to have high of 70 or higher shot right past it to 83.

At least Friday and the next few days after that will be back to more reasonable temps.

I am surviving with with the help of several fans. And since I *have* the money now, I'm gonna be looking into air conditioners!


Moving day

Apr. 16th, 2017 03:53 am
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Ok, I seem to have things working on Dreamwidth. My entries from LJ (and the comments) are in the queue, so in a couple days, they should be moved.

Meanwhile, I've got thing set to crosspost new entries to LJ and InsaneJournal. I'm kengr on all three.

If anybody on Dreamwidth is seeing this on LJ, and we are "friends on LJ, feel free to friend me on DW. Or tojust subscribe to me.

This entry was originally posted at Please comment there using OpenID.

Moving day

Apr. 16th, 2017 03:53 am
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Ok, I seem to have things working on Dreamwidth. My entries from LJ (and the comments) are in the queue, so in a couple days, they should be moved.

Meanwhile, I've got thing set to crosspost new entries to LJ and InsaneJournal. I'm kengr on all three.

If anybody on Dreamwidth is seeing this on LJ, and we are "friends on LJ, feel free to friend me on DW. Or tojust subscribe to me.
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For several months, I've been accumulating pop bottles. Mostly because when I had the spoons, the store was closed.

Last week I finally had spoons during normal hours. I was planning to start taking them back thursday. But then a story on the news mentioned that the deposit on returnables was going up from 5 cents to 10 cents.

I'd known that it was coming, but thought it wasn't for a few months yet. Instead, it was going up on April 11st.

I've got most of them returned now, and I made quite a bit.

Fort once, procrastination paid off!


Feb. 12th, 2017 06:51 pm
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Over on Facebook a friend shared a post that used this image:

A lot of folks agreed. But a lot disagreed, saying that it amounted to victim blaming.

My comments (plus more I didn't have room for)

The big problem with this sentiment is that it doesn't *work*. Attempting to defend myself from bullies in grade school got me in trouble with the teachers *and* with my mom when I got home. I was pyhsically incapable of outrunning the bullies. And even if I'd known some sort of self-defense 3 on one odds aren't beatable unless you are very good (or using tactics that would get you in *real* trouble.

Two memes that need to die:
"sticks and stones will break my bones, but words can never hurt me"
Words can cause more lasting damage than a physical beating.

"it takes two to make a fight"
Guess what, if the bully wants a fight all refusing to fight will get you is a beating.

Being taught something about self-defense is good. But it can only help so much. And as noted, it's victim blaming.

Teachers need to quit with the "both parties are equally guilty" with regards to fights. They also need to be *paying attention* during recess so that it *isn't* a case of "we didn't see it so we can't take anyone's word about who started it".

They need to scrap the "I don't care what he said/did that's no justification for hitting him" And remember that what was said/done may not have been the proximate cause, but rather the most recent in an ongoing series of abuses that finally became intolerable.

Yeah, taking your eraser or calling you a name should be a reason to hit him. But if he's been doing that sort of thing several times a day for *weeks*? That's a very different story.

Oh yeah, forbid "keep away". It's not a game for the victim.

One person posted this picture in reponse:

It's better but it still has the "bullying will always be with us" idea. That may be true, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't try to reduce it as much as possible.

Fun day...

Sep. 5th, 2016 06:47 am
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That was sarcasm.

Been dealing with illness, computer problems and more

Been dealing with a low grade fever for several days. also being kinda "blah", and sleeping a *lot*.

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I was in the final stages of cleaning things up for the inspection today when I suddenly realized that I was *way* too tired, dizzier than I should have been (I was hanging off the side of my bed, head down so I could get at some things with the handheld vacuum) and that I was sweating like there was no tomorrow,

Given that I was right in front of a fan, and the room temp was definitely into the "cool" range for me, something was obviously wrong.

All I wanted to was lie down and sleep. But I needed to get the cleaning done.

So I staggered over to the chair at the computer (bracing myself on various things along the way). I dug out the glucometer and did a test. 31.

Eep! 70 is when you are supposed to start worrying.

So I managed to grab a glass and carefully stagger over to the fridge (again making sure I had one hand on something at all times). I grabbed the bottle of cranberry juice cocktail and went back to the chair. After a couple of 8 oz glasses, I checked again. 103, so I ate a couple of things for some slower release carbs and some protien.

Half hour later it was up to 121 and I very carefully went back to work.

My best guess is that I somehow screwed up the Insuli-N injection, though I'm not sure how. And the exercise probably didn't help.

In any case, I'll be done in a few minutes (mostly waiting for the kitchen floor to dry) and then crash out. I'll still get a minimum of 2 hours sleep, and if I'm lucky, three of four.. If they start at the other end of the complex I'll be in great shape. If not, I'll just crash pout again after they check my apartment.

Wghile the bad reaction will make a nice excuse for having some things undone, I'd really rather have not had it.

The *only* good thing about it is that now I know what hypoglycemia feels like.
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Got a bunch of stressors going on, for one, annual inspection is Friday, but I figured I should get this one out here.

I hadn't really noticed it until Pride. With the shootings in Orlando, I really felt I should go. Even if it might be somewhat risky.

But I didn't. Why? Because I wasn't going to do the jeans and t-shirt I wear every day. But I couldn't bring myself to do genderfuck. I thought really hard about it, and even dug some stuff out, but I couldn't.

What I *wanted* was to go as Brooke. But that involved a lot of effort and a moderate bit of expense. Since my electric rtazor died a few years back (they unplugged it from the wal to thest the GFI outlet in the bathroom, and I didn't notice until weeks later, the batteries wouldn't take a charge anymore. :-(

So to properly "de-hair" myself, I'd have needed a lot of Veet or Nair. Did have the spare cash,, and it just felt like way too much trouble.

There *are* spaces where I'd be ok with genderfuck, but none of them are "public" places. And Pride *is* public in that there are a lot of "allies" around, and then of course there's taking public transit to and from.

This drives home that I''m actually a lot more dysphoric than I thought.

Also reminded me that I wish I'd figured out that I was trans a year or two earlier when I still had the money for laser or electro. *sigh*.

And of course, the depression doesn't help (the whole "way too much trouble" thing)

Medical fun

Jun. 9th, 2016 02:29 pm
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And no, I'm not being sarcastic.

Wednesday did *not* start out well. Seems I'd set the alarm the night before but forgotten to turn it on. Oops.

Woke up at 10:54 and needed to cat the bus for the appointment at 11:37.

By a small miracle, I managed to get showered (including washing my hair) by 11:19.

For breakfast I just sliced off a chunk ofg summer sausage and a hunk of chees and tossed them in a baggie to be eaten on the bus.

The bus was running late, fortunately. I left the house at about 11:30 and had to wait a few minutes at the stop. The bus got majorly delayed after that by the cars and school buses heading for the Junior Rose parade on Sandy.

In spite of that after getting to the Max (also crowded buy folks heading for the parade, I still managed to catch the same #4 bus I needed.

Finding where to go was a bit tricky, but some helpful receptions at Emannuel got me pointed in the right direction. After checking in the fun began.

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Oh joy...

Apr. 3rd, 2016 06:22 pm
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Last night all of a sudden they lights in the living room, the tv and the setero all cut out.

What was weird was that the computer I was on stayed on.

Y'see, the first breaker in the box controls the lights in the kitchen and living room, and all the outlets in the living room.

I checked the breaker anyway. It hadn't tripped.

And the outlets on the west side of the room worked. The ones on the east side didn't.

And, (of course) my CPAP was plugged into one of the outlets that wasn't working. I had an extension cord that'd reach plugged into an outlet at the west side of the window. And afterr an hour or so I started getting it untangled from the stuff it was running past. At one point it was caught on the edge of a box. I tugged on it and before it cvame free, it tugged on the outlet a bit.

There was a bright flash from the outlet, and I noticed that some of the things on the west side of the room had power again.

I carefully unplugged the cord from the outlet. I didn't want to jostle anything again.

Tomorrow I put in a work order to have the outlet repaired.

My best guess is that the lights & outlets are daisy-chained (an all too frequent shortcut in wiring) and one of the wires going from that outlet to the rest of the room is loose. it got shaken loose by something and that cut the power out. Then the tug on the outlet connected it up again.

It's possible there's something else wrong wiuth it.

In any case, it's going to be a pain, because it means the maintenance guy will be in the apartment, and I'll have to be here to properly shut down stuff when he turns the power off to work on it.

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Due to food boxes plus my buying habits for "just in case" food, I have a fair amount of canned goods for an apartment dweller.

I was sorting thru the box that had soups in it checking to see what was past "pull date".

Note: for camnned goods the dates are "best by", not "Oh god, throw it it!" dates.

A certain friend who shall remain nameless annoyed the heck out of Fay and me when she posted about having been given several boxes of canned stufgf by someone who was moving and said she'd thrown most of it out because of the dates on the cans. At the time both Fay and I were kinda tight on money, and we'd *cheerfully have taken those "expired" cans....

Anyway, in the process of digging thru the soups, I found a can of tomato soup that had some dark stuff around the rim of the lid (not a good sign unless you've spilled something on it). Worse, I could see that the lid was bulging noticeably.

That one went straight into the dumpster (and buried under something so it'd be unlikely to get grabbed by something dumpster diving).

The next day while shuffling stuff in the "should be used soon" box around, I noticed another can that looked like it had a slight bulge. I checked it against yet another can. On the other can, if I poressed hard on the lid, nothing happened. On the suspcious one, a slight push caused the lid to indent a bit.

Yipe. Another one for the dumpster.

Everything else checked out ok. But tis is a reminder to actually check your stockpiles and make sure you rotate things.

Other bad signs. If you open a can that wasn't "vacuum packed" and there's a his, that preetty much means *something* generated gas in there. Not a good sign unless it's a can of pop.

and don't forget, clean the can opener after you throw out the can!
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I heard a loud noise out in the hall around 5:30 pm Wednesday. I looked thru the peephole to see the guy in Apt 5 unlocking his door.

Something didn't look right. Then I realized I couldn't see my bike. I threw on a pair of pants and checked it was gone.

I asked when he'd seen it last but he said he hadn't been out of the apartment in days. Though, come to think of it, he'd obviously been coming back from someplace when I saw him.
I asked one of the other two folks on this floor (the other one won't answer her door). She wasn't sure when she'd seen it.

But iI know it was there late Moday night (well, Tuesday morning, actually). I don't recall for certain if I went out of the apartment on Tuesday. I think I did, but I'm not certain.

But best guess is tat it was grabbed sometime Wednesday.
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