Download Problems

Jul. 25th, 2017 09:32 am
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Win10 is downloading an enormous update. So enormous that after running most of yesterday it was literally just over 50% when I went to bed last night. Unfortunately, it was only at 56% when I woke the computer this morning!
Who designs a large download to pause when the screensaver comes on?!

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Jul. 25th, 2017 09:13 am
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[personal profile] thesilentpoet posting in [community profile] crowdfunding
July incentive at my Patreon is still happening! Pledge as little as $1, and unlock some goodies!

If I get three more pledges, I'll post my newly-written poem "The Space Faring Owls of Tau Ceti" for all patrons, and if I get five more pledges, I'll also post the New-poem "Nineteen Weeks".

All pledges much appreciated!

Elves and Vampires and Unicorns...

Jul. 25th, 2017 07:24 am
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... with a Lovecraftian twist feature in The Nightmare Stacks, the latest of the Laundryverse novels by Charlie Stross ([personal profile] autopope ) that's On My Shelves today! 

The Logs Don't Lie

Jul. 25th, 2017 10:30 am
[syndicated profile] the_daily_wtf_feed

Posted by Jane Bailey

She'd resisted the call for years. As a senior developer, Makoto knew how the story ended: one day, she'd be drafted into the ranks of the manager, forswearing her true love webdev. When her boss was sacked unexpectedly, mere weeks after the most senior dev quit, she looked around and realized she was holding the short straw. She was the most senior. This is her story.

As she settled into her new responsibilities, Makoto started coming in earlier and earlier in the hopes of getting some development work done. As such, she started to get accustomed to the rhythm of the morning shift, before most devs had rolled out of bed, but after the night shift ops guys had gone home.

Bad sign number 1: the CEO wandering past, looking a bit lost and vaguely concerned.

"Can I help you?" Makoto asked, putting down her breakfast pastry.

Bad sign number 2 was his reply: "Does the Internet look down to you?"

Makoto quickly pulled up her favorite Internet test site, /r/aww, to verify that she still had connectivity. "Seems all right to me."

"Well, I can't get online."

Webdev-Makoto would've shrugged and thought, Not my circus. Manager-Makoto forced a grin onto her face and said, "I'll get my guys on that."

"Thanks, you're a real champ." Satisfied, the CEO wandered back to whatever it was he did all day, leaving Makoto to explain a problem she wasn't experiencing to guys way more qualified to work on this than she was.

Hoping to explain the discrepancy, she unplugged her laptop. This time, the adorable kittens failed to load.

"Success!" she told the empty office. "This is officially some weird wi-fi problem."

She drafted up a notice to that effect, sent it to the office mailing list, and assigned her teammate Sven to find and fix the problem. By 9:00 AM, all was well, and her team had sent out an update to that effect.

Now well into her daily routine, Makoto put the incident behind her. After all, it was resolved, wasn't it?

4:00 PM rolled around, and Makoto was somehow the recipient for an angry email from Greg in Sales. Is the internet still out? I need to close out my sales!!! Why hasn't your team fixed this yet! We could lose $300,000 if I can't close out my sales by 5PM!!!!!

Makoto rolled her eyes at the unnecessary number of exclamation points and checked the sales pipeline. Sure enough, there was nothing preventing her from accessing Greg's queue and verifying that all $100 worth of sales were present and accounted for.

Makoto cracked her knuckles and crafted the most polite response she could muster: As per my update at 9am, the Internet is back online and you should be able to perform any and all job duties at this time.

The reply came 2 minutes later: I cannot close my opportunities!!!

Makoto forwarded the email chain to Sven before rolling over to his desk. "Greg's being a drama llama again. Can you pull the firewall logs and prove he's got Internet?"


10 minutes and 4 raised eyebrows later, Sven replied to the ticket, copying Greg's boss and attaching a screenshot of the logs. As Makoto stated, we are online at this time. Is it possible your computer received a virus from browsing PornHub since 9:30 this morning?

Greg spent the next day in meetings with HR, and the next week on unpaid leave to think about what he'd done. To this day, he cannot look Sven or Makoto in the eye as they pass each other in the hallway. Makoto suspects he won't suffer long—only as long as it takes him to find another job. Maybe one with IT people who don't know what search keywords he uses.

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Many Faces

Jul. 25th, 2017 03:56 am
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Many Faces of Harry Potter, Chapter 34 is published!

Archive of Our Own isn't working for me right now, so just these two options for now:


Start at Chapter One: "Feeling Sic" = AO3,, BC

The Way Back Home 045

Jul. 24th, 2017 10:00 pm
[syndicated profile] gaia_feed

Posted by Novil

  • Caption: Later.
  • Viviana: … That’s it, now you know the whole story.
  • Ryker Buffin: Incredible!
  • Ryker Buffin: How do you plan to stop Eldor?
  • Viviana: If only we knew…
  • Ryker Buffin: What would–
  • Ilias: Excuse me for interrupting. But there’s still some time left before 7 o’clock. We should use it to buy groceries and a few other things.
  • Ilias: Can you show us the way?
  • Ryker Buffin: Sure!
  • Viviana: Hmm… interesting.


Jul. 25th, 2017 07:01 am
[syndicated profile] ohjoysextoy_feed

Posted by Matthew Nolan

The concept of becoming a mother fucking terrifies me. I mean, don’t get me wrong, if you wanna be a parent that is totally cool with me! Raising a kid looks like the hardest job in the world and I have nothing but awe and respect for the people who want to take on that responsibility. I just… am not one of them. Not at this point in my life, anyway.

The comic above is the condensed version of the many talks we’ve had over our twelve years together about whether we want to reproduce, but it does not encompass ALL of our reasons and personal details. There wasn’t space to include our omnipresent fears about being bankrupted by a medical emergency for either of us, let alone affording health care for a brand new little person who may or may not need expensive aid. Matt and I both have learning disabilities that make our lives difficult, and I have a mental illness that I fear passing on. Plus, haha, my own family experience left something to be desired and I just don’t want to recreate that situation for some innocent little kid. I dunno, there’s a whole lot more, too! But to list everything would make for a pretty boring read.

Anyway, what I’m getting at is this: This comic is a summary of the personal conversations that Matt and I have had about whether we want to become parents, it is not an argument against, or judgement of, other people having kids. Do what is right for you, my dudes. And who knows? Maybe in another ten years I’ll have changed me tune. Time will tell!

Want to not get pregnant? Baby, get you some birth control! We’ve covered a bunch of contraceptives here in the past, plus this helpful explanation of just how conception happens in the first place. We’ve also covered Emergency Contraception (Plan B), which is not abortion, and Medical Abortion, which is.

And if you’re looking to pick up some contraception or your period is late and you wanna find out what’s up with that, here’s some items you can pick up online!

Condoms from our Friends (with Benefits =)

Lovehoney also has a discount code for 10% off!Stockroom ALSO has a 15% discount for you, just add ‘OHJOY’ at checkout!AND Early To Bed has a 10% discount too! Just add ‘OHJOY’ at checkout!PleasureChest has a 15% discount for you to use too! Add ‘OJST’ at checkout!*All of Vibrant’s proceeds go to Planned Parenthood!
And, finally while we much prefer and encourage you to buy from a small
business, here’s an Amazon link! also gave us a 10% discount code to give you! also gave us a 10% discount code to give you, just click here!

Comic for July 25, 2017

Jul. 25th, 2017 11:59 pm
[syndicated profile] dilbert_feed
Dilbert readers - Please visit to read this feature. Due to changes with our feeds, we are now making this RSS feed a link to
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Defending Their Own
by Dialecticdreamer/Sarah Williams
part 3 of 6
word count (story only): 1376

:: Part of the Polychrome Heroics universe, and the Mercedes subset, while taking the “Road Trip” in an entirely new direction. ::

Pay Special Attention: People who have been profiting from human trafficking have parts of their reality (and sometimes their bodies) folded into several sharp points which may not match any previously known 'safe' configuration. ::

Joshua closed his eyes as he drew in a deep breath. He made his way to Boneshaker, just as she scraped the last bits of gelato out of the paper carton. “Good timing he mused, trying for a friendly tone that slid straight to 'concerned' instead. He glanced toward the spoon gripped tightly in Boneshaker's right hand, and then at the fine, quivering motion of her resting left hand. A glance at Orris, however, only earned him a tiny nod in return.

“Not many people know this,” Joshua began, leaning hipshot against the edge of the table, “but one of a training officer's jobs is to get a rookie, or sometimes a trainee, through an incident that would make any other person say that they never, ever want to experience that again.”

“Like what?” Boneshaker whispered, her voice catching.
Read more... )
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GURPS On Demand Since the launch of our GURPS On Demand service, we have been gotten a ton of feedback from fans looking for other classic GURPS titles in this print-on-demand form. Well, we listened: Four more books are now available via GURPS On Demand, including some of the most highly requested titles.

GURPS Martial Arts features specialized fighting styles of history, including swashbuckling, Asian bare-handed techniques, and anything in between. GURPS Powers lets you craft your ideal superhero, or any super-powered character you can imagine. GURPS Rogues includes 29 templates to get you started on a scoundrel to team up with . . . or fight against. And if stealth isn't your bag, then GURPS Warriors gives you the tools to a variety of soldiers, from historical to fantastical. 

Combined with GURPS Characters and Campaigns, these supplements can help take your world to the next level. We're happy to offer these print-on-demand softcovers via Amazon's CreateSpace, so players can once again hold these legendary books in their own hands.

Pick up these, and our previous print-on-demand releases, on our GURPS On Demand page. 

Hunter Shelburne

Warehouse 23 News: Make It A Dog Deck Afternoon!
Munchkin Puppies has 30 brand new canine-related cards to feed your pack. With howl-inducing artwork by Katie Cook, this booster adds bark and bite to your deck. Fetch one for yourself at Warehouse 23.
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New comic!

Today's News:

I was pretty proud of that white-Christmas-tree-bra dress I came up with for Candy.

Hey, before I'm an idiot for any longer and forget to mention it, I'll be at 2nd & Charles TOMORROW (Wednesday) in Hagerstown, Maryland from 6-9 for a li'l show called Charlie Con! If you're in the area, you should come see me and Jamie, we'll both be there!

2nd & Charles is also a really rad book & music shop so you should go there just for that, if we're not cool enough to draw you out of your cave (we are) (... we aren't but throw us a bone).">Here's today's old strip!

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The general fund currently contains $85. Everyone is eligible to vote in this poll. I will keep it open at least until Tuesday night. If there's a clear answer then, I'll close it. Otherwise I may leave it open a little longer.

Read and vote! )

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