Jun. 12th, 2017

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This is one I've had in the back of my head for years.

Working title is "Room".

He got off the bus and headed for the store. Then he walked around the building to get to the back. From there he pushed through some bushes and started up the faint trail that made a diagonal up the face of the ridge.

Soon he was on the wide shelf partway up the hill. It was a good hundred feet wide and ran half a mile or so. He enjoyed walking among the bushes and small trees. Soon enough he arrived at the back of the old abandoned building.

There was cyclone fencing around it, but other people had made holes here in the back where it couldn't be seen from the street. He crawled through one of the holes, dusted himself off and went to a doorway that had been boarded up. Someone had pulled the boards though.

It was a bit dim inside, but not too bad because the windows on the front side of the building weren't boarded up. After all on that side this was the third floor!

He'd been poking around for a bit when he heard a noise. He looked out a window and saw someone guys standing near the front of the building.

Uh oh. He recognized them from school. He did not want to run into them. He'd had enough trouble with them at school.
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Not remotely finished, but it seemed like a good stopping point

ETA:I'm looking for some feedback. And I'm curious as to your thoughts about what's going on or might be going on. *I* know, but I'm both wondering how it comes across to the reader, and what others think about the "situation".

Food fun

Jun. 12th, 2017 08:18 am
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Years back Lin & Kermit sent me an unexpected gift (might have been Christmas, might have been my birthday). They knew I ate a lot of ramen, so they went on Amazon and bought me two flats of the *good* stuff.

Specifically, Nong Shim Neo Guri. Much better noodles than the cheap stuff and better flavor too. They wound up getting used as a "special treat" sort of thing.

When I hit a semi-local oriental market some time after I'd run out, I found there were several other varieties available. After trying them all, I've settled down to having the Nong shim stuff once a week, and alkternating between the Neo Guri and the Shin Ramyun.

Since Neo Guri is essentially "spicy seafood", when I noticed a "seafood medley" in the frozen foods section I got it and tried using it for the "meat" in the ramen.

Shrimp, octopus, mussels, etc. Yum! Plus, of course, various veggies. Side note, after figuring out that one of the things in the dried veggie packets that came with the Nong Shim stuff was dried seaweed, I started buying package of that to add to the regular ramen. adds a nice flavor and some other stuff.

Anyway, there I was, eating my spicy seafood and I suddenly notice that one of the noodles on my fork looks off color (did I mention that these noodles are at least twice as thick as the cheap stuff?). I took a closer look and then saw it was a tentacle that's broken off one of the octupus bits.

This gave me all sorts of silly thoughts ranging from the FSM to Cthulhu. :-)

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