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Finally got my air conditioner deliered today. It arrived in town early on the 4th, but since UPS didn't have to deliver it until the 6th, they didn't.

Showed up about a quarter after 1 pm . And the driver was nice enough to haul it upstairs for me.

Got it unpacked easily enough, and moved into position. But to be able to attach the hose that carries the hot air out the window, I had to move the bed. Not fun at all. That futon is *heavy*.

Even with it moved, the AC is at an angle. I'll have to rearrange stuff more drastically eventually.

Per instructions, I had to let it sit upright for 2 hours before turning it on. So it was after 3:30 when I pulled the box fan out of the window and stuck the adapter for the hose in. Much wrestling ensued to get things positioned usably.

But I got it all done and turned on. Temp has been dropping slowly ever since. The AC has gone from indicating 84 to 80. And the temp here at the computer has dropped several degrees as well.

I think it's time for a nap under the AC outlet... :-)
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