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This was a throwaway idea for a Whateley fanfic. Probably not possible even in that universe, but too silly not to go with. I decided to post it after [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith made a particular comment on someone's story.

Sandy was waiting for the last of the new batch of freshmen to show up so zie could take them on the tour. There was a zweet-boing noise from behind zir. Zie turned just in time for the human-sized roadrunner to startle zir with a loud "Meep! Meep!"

Zie was still boggling when the bird held up a sign with one wing. [Hi! I'm Velox.]

The sign flipped around and read [Is this the orientation tour for Twain?] Then it vanished.

"Uh, yeah. What's with the signs?"

[I can't talk anymore. Just make that sound.] flip [But I can manifest these signs] flip [Neat, huh?]

Sandy just shook zir head. Even for Whateley, Velox was a bit odd.

The last few freshmen showed up, and zie started the tour. After showing them the required places and things it came time for the usual "what's your power and how did you get it" talk.

Velox demonstrated his speed. The cloud of dust he raised was weird because it'd rained just that morning.

[Besides being fast, I'm either a reality warper...] flip [... or a probability warper.] flip [Weird stuff happens around me.]

[Don't EVER bring anything made by Acme near me!] flip [no way to tell what'll happen.] flip [but it won't be good for you.]

"What's with your code name?"

He held up a sign with a picture of a bird captioned [Lesser Roadrunner (Geococcyx velox)]

"So how'd you wind up like this?"

Apparently Velox got asked this a lot. He dug a paper from somewhere and handed it to the questioner. [Read it out loud, please.]

"Some friends had scored some weed, cheap. And we were having a party at my house since my folks were out of town. We were pretty stoned and I'd queued up all the Warner Brothers cartons on the player. We'd been watching Roadrunner cartoons for a couple hours when we all started feeling weird."

"I managed to call 911 before I passed out."

"Seems the guy who grew the weed had picked up some chemicals cheap. Fertilizer, pesticide, I forget what. They were cheap because they were some devisor stuff that didn't always work right."

"My friends just got sick. I turned into this."
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I was thinking about the Whateley shared universe just a bit ago and came up with an interesting take on one of the better powers to have. Regeneration.

In the Whateley-verse it comes at various levels, from "heals a bit fast than normal", to "her arm grew back before the removed one hit the ground.

There *are* drawbacks to the higher levels of regen. One is a form of cancer that *uses* the regn to grow faster and unstoppably.

another is that at the higher levels things like your blood and breast milk are major biohazards because if they get into someone else's body they can turn them into a copy of you.

But I'd been thinking about *dis*advantages. Powers that are inconvenient. And that's when it hit me.

Somebody with really high level regen. Say the "will heal from anything that doesn't kill them outright" level complete with being pretty much immune to diseases.

For the character I have in mind that last is a really good thing. Y'see, their high level regen is just a bit messed up.

It's *slower* than normal healing. A lot slower. A shaving cut might take days to heal. Something more serious... ouch.

Maybe stick them into a Normal Girl vignette. Codename "Breakable" (by contrast to the guy in "Unbreakable" :-)
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Apparently, I've dreamt about this character before. It's just this is the first time I rememberd the dream after waking up.

The main thing of interest about the character is that he can climb walls. My best guess is that he's got something like gecko skin.

But as I was waking up, I realized some implications of the way he was climbing. The one time he used the ability in this dream, he swarms up a 30 foot vertical wall about as fast as I could walk the same distance. And with no visible effort.

And he was only using his hands. Think about that for a moment.

He was only using his hands for "grip", and could swarm, up that wall with no real effort. What does that say about his arm, shoulder and back muscles. Especially since he doesn't *look* to be very muscular.

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Feb. 19th, 2015 06:22 am
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A Whateley micro-fic

John was walking back to his cottage. Man, he wished he hadn't gotten stuck with such a lame codename. Furball? But he hadn't wanted to argue with the MCO since they thought his power was harmless.

He chuckled a bit at that then stopped when he realized he wasn't alone.

Oh great. It was that bunch of jerks that had been making life hell for some of the other freshmen. Looked like it was his turn.

"Oh look, it's Tribble Boy."

He tried to ignore them.

"Man what a lame power, summoning a bunch of harmless furballs."

Ok,. that was enough.

He reached out and called his friends to him.

There were dozens of balls of fur surrounding him and the bullies.

"I think you guys should leave."

"Why? Your tribbles gonna give us a cute overdose?"

"They're not tribbles...."

As he said that, the balls of fur opened their eyes. Eyes which somehow looked menacing. Even as a couple of the bullies started to say something, he continued.

"... tribbles don't have teeth."

At this the furry creatures opened impossibly wide mouths filled with lots of very sharp teeth.

Then the screaming began...
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(part one is here)
(part two is here)

George got home from school and checked the front door of the house. It was unlocked. He thought to himself that this time hadn't been too bad. Only four days.

As usual, his mother acted as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened. He sighed to himself and went to his room. He changed and did his chores, then went down and hauled dirty laundry up from the fort. Laundry and showers were things that he missed when he was stuck in there.

After dinner he crossed his fingers and dug out the form.

"Mom, I've got a part time job lined up, I just need you to sign this."

She asked a few questions, but fortunately wasn't interested in details that could have been a problem, just in whether or not it'd interfere with his schoolwork.

He'd had long years of practice at spinning things so she'd believe them so it wasn't too hard to get her to sign and not ask inconvenient questions.
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(part one is here)

"This is fan fiction for the Whateley Academy series. It may or may not match the timeline, characters, and continuity, but since it's fan fiction, who cares? To see the canon Whateley Stories, check out Sapphire's Place (, Whateley Academy (, or the Big Closet ("

This one was written and posted to the Crystal Hall site some time ago. I'm partway thru part 3, and I suddenly realized I hadn't posted part 2.

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(I'd appreciate feedback on this one as it was written in one pass, while I was ill. And it feels sorta "off")

"This is fan fiction for the Whateley Academy series. It may or may not match the timeline, characters, and continuity, but since it's fan fiction, who cares? To see the canon Whateley Stories, check out Sapphire's Place (, Whateley Academy (, or the Big Closet ("

Some folks find Whateley Academy on their own...

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As Connie walked towards Crystal Hall she heard a sneering voice call out "Hey, It's the fox bitch again!"

She'd already been having a bad day. Her classes were a lot harder than at her last school, and she had more power testing coming up after lunch.

The testing worried her. There were things she didn't want them to find out...

She was jerked out of her thoughts as someone grabbed her tail and yanked.
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This just came came me yesterday nd I finally wound up writing it out before I could get to sleep.

G rated.
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600 nitro express revolver

50 BMG revolver

Believe it or not both of these do *not* require special permits from the ATF.
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Ok, for a female super(hero?) I'm messing around with, I'm wondering what sort of hat would hde a pair of fox-type ears without looking too weird or being too uncomfortable.

At least the tail hides well under a skirt. :-)

And if anybody is feeling artistic and wants to try drawing her, take a costume like the "classic" Supergirl outfit. Add a "mask" rather like Zorro uses (ie ties like a bandanna, covers the face down to the nose. Add the fox ears, tail and the costume should be in reds/browns that suggest a fox.

And yes, she has a cape. In spite of the examples from The Incredibles.

ETA: To clarify, the hat is for use in "civilian" clothes. She just needs something comfortable that goes with normal teenage clothes suitable for high school. Currently I'm leaning towards a Gatsby (aka "newsboy cap")

I've got one and properly sized it'd probably work ok. and being softer and looser than a baseball cap, (and having an elastic band)it'd be more comfortable I'd think. But that looseness also means that it's possible to have fun by twitching the ears under it.

But I'm open to other suggestions.

The ears are placed on "top" of the head (typical "cat girl" positioning) and are furry but match her hair (which is (gee) "fox fur brown/red). She has normal human ears as well.
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from that Whateley fanfic

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No sex, no kink, just a scene from a fanfic that won't get out of my head

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can't stop laughing...

A new story in the Whateley Academy universe. But it works ok as a standalone.

The setting is combat finals in a simulator at a high school for mutants, superheros, etc.


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