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See comments on second cartoon. But please, don't pile on, from previous experience it'll take careful arguing to *possibly* make a change in his position. Pushing hard will translate int "I'm being persecuted" which helps nobody.

Ok, let's start out simple. People *do* have the legal right to wear whatever they want subject to laws regarding indecent exposure/public indecency.

So. Women can legally wear "mens" clothing. That's been established for most of a century.

Men can legally wear "womens" clothing. that hasn't been established quite as long in some places, but it's still been legal for decades.

This is *settled* law. Not something that is likely to change no matter how loud folks protest.

Now consider the question of bathrooms. Under the law people *do* have the right to use public bathrooms (and that includes the non-employee bathrooms in businesses and schools, etc). Again, very much settled law.

So, If you have someone cross-dressed (be it a woman in mens clothes, a Female-to-Male transsexual,, a male cross-dresser, or a Male-to-Female transsexual) which bathroom do they use?
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Pakistan has issued its first passport with an X gender marker. Washington, DC has followed Oregon in allowing an X gender marker on IDs and reportedly, both California and New York state are in the process of allowing it.

I'm fairly sure I'd heard of at least one other country allowing an X marker on passports.

DC should be interesting, as if there's any sort of legal challenges it goes straight from the local court system to the US Supreme Cort (that's how a couple of 2nd Amendment issues that the FEDS had been studiously avoiding for three quarters of a century wound up before the Supreme Court).

And with California and New York, that's a big chunk of population and *votes* that will be behind this.

There's also a case in Colorado involving an intersex person who is trying to get a US passport that doesn't have an M or F on it.

The State Department's replies to letters from doctors certifying that the plaintiff is intersexed are ludicruous. They are saying:
“The Department is unaware of generally accepted medical standards for diagnosing and evaluating a transition to any sex other than male or female,” reads a US State Department refusal letter dated 1 May 2017. “Thus, the Department does not accept a medical certification that specifies transition to a sex other than male or female as evidence for the issuance of a passport.”

Yep, they think the person is *transitioning" to a non-binary gender. Sorry guys, this person was *born* non-binary.
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Ok, as some folks know, someone here in Oregon sued for the right to list their gender on their ID as "other". and they won.

Back in May or June it was announced that Oregon DMV was going to change the process and forms to allow anyone to do that.

I grabbed a copy of the "Change your Gender Designation" form back in June, but it hadn't been updated. eventually I'm going to upload it to my website as historical document.

Old Oregon DMV form for change of gender designation

It's got two parts. The first is filled out by the person requesting the change. It has the usual "I'm not doing this to commit fraud, blah,blah" stuff.

The second part had to be filled out by a shrink, social worker or the like and they had to attest that in *their* opinion, the change was necessary.

Fairly normal for such stuff.

Here's the new page:

Yep, it links to the same application you fill out to renew or replace your drivers license or state ID. Only change from the old form for *that* is changing the option in the "sex" box from M & F to M, F, and X.

No more gate keeping, just fill out the same form everyone else does and pay your money.

Since I've never been fond of my middle name (don't ask), I'm thinking of changing it to Brooke, the name I use when I'm presenting en femme. That way I can get some debit cards as Brooke [last name] as well as ones in my current name.

I'd looked into doing it using a DBA (doing business as), but you have to refile that every so often. Getting one with my middle name shouldn't require anything but a bit of talking.

I'll probably wait until I do that to change the gender marker on my ID.

This is going to be lots of fun though. Everyone in Oregon is going to have to change their databases to add that X. Ditto for lots of businesses and agencies outside Oregon. Which will provide some much needed shaking up.

Why do I say they'll have to? Because while *I* wouldn't spend the money on suing them if they don't, other people *will*.

Also, I can't wait for the "head explodes" incidents as folks with a X marker present their *legal* IDs to various inflexible folks in Oregon and nearby states, to say nothing of states far away.

First few Federal applications for things are gonna be fun too.

Do note that several other countries allow an "other" marker already, up to and including their passports. so it's not like it wasn't going to become a problem anyway.
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Police raid Stonewall Inn, 01:20 am EDT, June 28, 1969 (10:20 PM June 27 PDT)

Not the first times trans folks fought back (that was the Compton's Cafeteria Riot). But the first time it really stuck.

And yes, it was trans folks, and POC at that that did much of the fighting over then days that followed.

Here's some more info on what was going on before Stonewall:
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(I discovered that I'd actually never posted part 1, just an excerpt)

I took a deep breath before walking into the locker room. I was nervous, but I could do it. I hoped...

I'd actually gotten about a dozen feet inside before the yells started. I ignored them and headed on over to the cage to get a basket.

I'd almost made it when this huge guy blocked my path.

"Aren't you a little confused girlie? This is the boys locker room."

I looked up at him and said "Yeah, I know."

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Oregon is going to be the first US state to have a third gender available on state ID.

Several countries have this, usually as an "O". Oregon, for whatever reason is going with X.

Anyway, It'll be available starting in July.

When my license comes up for renewal in a few years I may get it changed from M to X.

Moldy Oldy

Apr. 22nd, 2017 03:14 pm
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Someone mentioned Benson in a post I was reading somewhere the other day. So I went digging.

At first I thought that show was a spinoff from Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman, but digging further got the right show, Soap.

So I added that to the rotation of what Fay and I watch when we've run out of current episodes of things.

It worked great too. Benson was being Benson within the first five minutes of the first episode. As I expected, Fay loved it.

We wound up watching a second episode, and I'd forgotten that Jodi Dallas (Billy Crystal's character) was not only gay, but trans (at least a crossdresser if not TS). Heck, they even refferred to him as a TS.

Considering that it was a 40 year old comedy program, they actually handled it well.
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Got a bunch of stressors going on, for one, annual inspection is Friday, but I figured I should get this one out here.

I hadn't really noticed it until Pride. With the shootings in Orlando, I really felt I should go. Even if it might be somewhat risky.

But I didn't. Why? Because I wasn't going to do the jeans and t-shirt I wear every day. But I couldn't bring myself to do genderfuck. I thought really hard about it, and even dug some stuff out, but I couldn't.

What I *wanted* was to go as Brooke. But that involved a lot of effort and a moderate bit of expense. Since my electric rtazor died a few years back (they unplugged it from the wal to thest the GFI outlet in the bathroom, and I didn't notice until weeks later, the batteries wouldn't take a charge anymore. :-(

So to properly "de-hair" myself, I'd have needed a lot of Veet or Nair. Did have the spare cash,, and it just felt like way too much trouble.

There *are* spaces where I'd be ok with genderfuck, but none of them are "public" places. And Pride *is* public in that there are a lot of "allies" around, and then of course there's taking public transit to and from.

This drives home that I''m actually a lot more dysphoric than I thought.

Also reminded me that I wish I'd figured out that I was trans a year or two earlier when I still had the money for laser or electro. *sigh*.

And of course, the depression doesn't help (the whole "way too much trouble" thing)
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About that Mississippi "religious protection" bill. This section is going to give some lawyers *lots* of fun.

that “male” and “female” refer to someone’s “immutable biological sex as objectively determined by anatomy and genetics at time of birth.

Ah yes, ignorance of biology strikes again.

Sex is *subjectively* determined by doctors at time of birth. There are "standards" for making the determination, but they aren't always followed.

And even when they are followed they are pretty damned arbitrary. Stuff like length of penis/clitoris.

Genetic testing is rarely done on newborns. When it is, it's because genetic problems are suspected *or* because doctors are having trouble figuring out what sex the baby is.

So a lot of intersex babies *don't* get IDed at birth. Anybody with AIS/CAIS for example. Or guevedoces.

There aren't just two sexes even if the public (and most doctors) would like to believe there are.

And gender is even *more* complicated.

Some day we are going to have to get laws put in place recognizing the *spectrums* of sex & gender. Because that's what it's going to take to end this sort of nonsense.
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Dec 1, 1952. Christine Jorgenson has SRS.
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The Pope's comments about public officials having the right to be conscientious objectors on religious grounds has been used to defend Kim Davis and others (though not by him).

People seem to forget something. Conscientious objectors to military service have a choice of going to jail, or being put in a job that doesn't have them doing the things they object to.

It does *not* get the rules of the military or their job changed to suit them.

Kim Davis claims that status, but doesn't think she should go to jail, and she wants the duties of her job changed.

Sorry, those aren't the choices.

The ones she *actually* has, under the law are:

1. let her office issue licenses that use the same *unaltered* form as the rest of Kentucky, with her name in the blanks where it belongs.
2. step down from her office, she can go back to just being one of the deputy clerks (with the cut in pay and authority) and she can then not issue licenses as long as she doesn't stop the *other* clerks from issuing them.
3. quit
4. go to jail (again) for contempt of court.

My stance on religious freedom is that you have an absolute right to practice your faith. Right up to the point where you are trying to make *others* behave the way your faith dictates. At that point you are violating *their* religious freedom.

I can only hope that some day the Supreme Court can declare something similar rather than dancing around the issue. Hobby Lobby was a bad decision.

BTW, they are in trouble again...

Trans woman wins decision against Hobby Lobby

They haven't complied with the decision yet, either.
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Work in progress
part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4
part 5
part 6

We'd barely gotten on the bus when my phone and Chris's started going off.

I grabbed mine and I had a text from Sally. "Looking hot bro!" with an attached pic. I pulled up the photo.

Oh god. It was me in the hall outside English, right after Chris had given me that kiss and hug. My shorts had been a lot tighter than I thought after that kiss. My cock looked huge and my boobs were prominent as well. Looked like my nipples were hard enough to cut glass, even through the top.

I texted back "Where did you get that?"

Sally's response was "you're all over Facebook and Tumblr"

"I'm doomed."

Chris looked up from her phone.

"Somebody told you about the posts?"

I just backed up a bit and showed her the pic.

"My sister sent me that."

"Wow. That looks better than you did before I kissed you."

"Not helping."

"I wonder if the pic is good enough to blow up to poster size?"

"Really not helping."

"Aww. You'd look great on my bedroom wall."

"Yeah right up until your mom & dad see it. Then I'm dead and you'll be grounded for life."

Chris gave it some thought. "Nah, probably only grounded until college."

I made a face. "I'll still be dead though."

"Dad wouldn't do that. He'd probably just maim you a little."
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Something reminded me of a paper I encountered online a few months back.

Seems there are actual XY females. FERTILE ones.

Female bodies, right down to a uterus and ovaries. And the first one they discovered turned out to be third generation. Yes, her mother and grandmother turned out to be XY as well.

I forget what chromosome the gene responsible for this was on, but it wasn't on the XY pair.

It brings up some really interesting possibilities though. As well as the potential for breaking some people's minds.
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I've had a few random thoughts on things lately and seeing those trans girls at the WNBR last night led to some others.

First thoughts (of the new batych) were that I'd have to try to make sure I hadd the time and resources when next years ride comes along to "present" as trans/genderqueer at the ride.

The easy part of that will be my forms and onne of my sports bras. The hard part ids the "de-hairing" process. That requires some money (for Nair or tyhe like) and some help with the places I can't get at easily.

That reminded me of one of my big regrets. I didn't figure out just how trans/GQ I was back when I still had money left from my inheritance. If I had, I'd have at least *tried* laser or electrolysis.

I'm in a bit of an odd position regarding transition.
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I've always had trouble getting on sports bras. The back tends to roll up and I can't reach to straighten it out.

It's even worse if I'm still a bit damp from a shower.

I've tried many things to get the back unrolled. Most barely worked.

Today, while struiggling with one with even less success than usual, I suddenly remembered a "tip" a lot of TVs and crossdressers give for fastening a regular bra. Basically, put it on backwards, fastn it in front, then spin it around and finally, put your arms thru the straps.

Obviously fastening wasn't a problem, but the rest sort of applied. I worked my arms out of the straps, pulled the bra down farther and was able to get the back unrolled. Then I pulled it back up, put my arms through the straps and it was fine.

Slipped my forms in and put on my top. *Much* easier than the usual struggle. And it's only taken me a dozen years to figure this out? Oy.
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45 years ago (June 28, 1969 at 1:20 am EDT) A bunch of transvestite, drag guens and other "undesirables" did something unexpected.

When the New York City police raided the Stonewall Inn, they didn't go meekly and try to aavoid trouble.

Instead they fought back. And things quickly escalated to a riot.

The riot died down eventually only to revive the next night. Go google "Stoonewall Riots" for details.

Some things haven't changed. TG folks still gret tossed under the bus by the rest of the LGBT "community" when it looks like they'll be an embarsassment. Same goes for bisexuals.

But thing have improved a *lot*. Heck, at the current time marriage equality is either the law or the subject of a lawsuit to make it legal in every state of the US.

Maybe in another 5 years, things will be even better.
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Read this:
Then come back. I'll wait.

I didn't understand either. Heck, I'd walked late at night thru bad areas of town and I wasn't that worried.

Then came the day a friend gave me a ride to an NWGA (NorthWest Gender Alliance) meeting. I'd gotten rides before, and as I'd done a number of times before, I went en femme.

This time was different. I didn't want to go to the restaurant that most of the others were going to after the meeting. Mostly because I was didn't have the spare cash, and I didn't want to mooch.

And it turned out that none of the people who weren't going to the restaurant were going anywhere near where I lived.

It was already dark by them. I was about three-quarters of a mile from the bus line that ran past my place. So I started walking.

At first I wasn't nervous. Then I saw a group of young men a couple block ahead. I went from nervous to not-quite-terrified. I realized that it was possible that I'd pass. In which case I might get assaulted being a lone "female". And if the assault went far enough and they found out I was physically male? I'd be lucky if I only got raped or beaten. Getting killed was definitely a possibility.

If I didn't pass, the possibility of being beaten or worse was there again.
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I was reading about a study of what happened when men got into women's spaces. Stuff like there being 5 men to almost 40 women, but the men did 50% of te talking, and were "deferred" to a lot.

I suddenly remembered an incident at a party some years back. I'd wandered into a group of folks I mostly knew and they were talking about something I was interested in (might have been computers, might have been gaming). And I kept trying to join inn but kept getting ignored.

Now, this is a continuing problem with me as I'm overly polite and not very assertive. So I have trouble finding a break I feel I can use to interject things.

This time it was a lot worse than usual. So much so I finally went elsewhere feeling really lousy.

But now I'm wondering. I know that I went to a lot of those parties en femme. Being as it's been so long, I don't recall if I was that time. But if I was, that'd make the suck even worse. Because those folks knew me both ways. And that'd mean that they were unconsciously tteating me differently.

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