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I got this one of the Traveller RPG Mailing List.

A long time ago one of the odder (but fun) members designed the PMPP (Pelvic Mounted Plasma Projector). Which this villian's weapon resembles *way* too much.

I don't want to think about recoil effects...
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If not, here's a link...

I've been reading Wapsi Square from the beginning and I just hit something that trumps that...

Fun comics

Jul. 15th, 2017 06:51 pm
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I read a lot of webcomics. And I've slowly been working my way thru a backlog of comics folks have recommended to me.

I recently caught up on one, and was quickly able to catch up on several others. In order

Spinnerette A different take on "getting spider powers. Very silly at times

Grrl Power Words fail. But I pointed Fay at it last night and she was reading and giggling for the rest of the time she was here.

Magical Girl Neil an interesting subversion of the Magical Girl trope

And I'm currently working my way thru Magical Transvestite Cherry So far a rather *different* subversion of the Magical Girl trope

Check my feeds for most of the comics I'm following. I also follow a bunch that don't have RSS feeds, but I'll get to those some other day
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This is one I've had in the back of my head for years.

Working title is "Room".

He got off the bus and headed for the store. Then he walked around the building to get to the back. From there he pushed through some bushes and started up the faint trail that made a diagonal up the face of the ridge.

Soon he was on the wide shelf partway up the hill. It was a good hundred feet wide and ran half a mile or so. He enjoyed walking among the bushes and small trees. Soon enough he arrived at the back of the old abandoned building.

There was cyclone fencing around it, but other people had made holes here in the back where it couldn't be seen from the street. He crawled through one of the holes, dusted himself off and went to a doorway that had been boarded up. Someone had pulled the boards though.

It was a bit dim inside, but not too bad because the windows on the front side of the building weren't boarded up. After all on that side this was the third floor!

He'd been poking around for a bit when he heard a noise. He looked out a window and saw someone guys standing near the front of the building.

Uh oh. He recognized them from school. He did not want to run into them. He'd had enough trouble with them at school.
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Not remotely finished, but it seemed like a good stopping point

ETA:I'm looking for some feedback. And I'm curious as to your thoughts about what's going on or might be going on. *I* know, but I'm both wondering how it comes across to the reader, and what others think about the "situation".
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Made a comment about gear for a flying metahuman and the gear they'd need.

Actually some handheld GPS units *have* barometric altimeters. My Garmin GPSmap 60csx does. It also has a magnetic compass (which you can override the display for to show true north instead).

So any one of a number of GPS units, a radar transponder (which should probably tie into the GPS for altitude), an aircraft band radio and she's set for both visual and instrument flight.

Me, I'd add a pulse oximeter, oxygen tank and mask. Just in case.

Someone talented could probably build most of that into a helmet and harness. Complete with a heads up display.

For real paranoia and unforeseen circumstances, a steerable parachute might be an idea as well.

So, let's look into this a bit farther.

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Lairs R Us

Mar. 9th, 2017 02:29 pm
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A few days ago [ profile] gridlorehad a post about "Who built the Batcave?" I'm repeating my reply and expanding on it.

Do what rich white people do all the time. Bring in "illegals".

More specifically, hire folks with the right skills from all over the world. Bring them in illegally (which also lets you keep them from knowing where you are taking them).

Use refitted cargo containers. Which can also be used for housing on-site. Wayne enterprises could probably use portable housing of that sort in a lot of places anyway.

So all the workers and contractors know is that they got hauled somewhere, built some neat stuff, never saw anything outside the cave, and got paid very well for it.

You could even split things up so that no one group built more than a portion of the stuff. So even if they talk, they can't give away anything significant.

Heck, set it up as a special business unit in Wayne Enterprises, and keep doing the same thing for other heroes, the military, and intelligence agencies.

Inn a world with supers there are likely *several* such outfits.

And in some universes, they may get treated like the Whateley campus. They are hands off because *everybody* uses them, and *nobody* wants to have them (or their personnel "leaned on" to leak info about jobs they've done.

Picture having the Justice League, Lex Luthor and bunch of other "heavy hitters from *both* sides of the law "somewhat upset" with you? Or in the Marvel-verse, the avengers and Doctor Doom.

Though the business has other perils.

"What were you thinking of? Using a Lexcorp QX-3000 in a hero's base?"

"But it's cheaper and more reliable!"

"If a hero *asks* for stuff from Lexcorp, that's fine. And if they aren't one of the ones who has an ongoing feud with Luthor, you might *suggest* it as a possibility. But never do something like that without checking."

"And while we're on the subject, be really careful about using Wayne Enterprises gear in projects that might not be entirely legal. They've blacklisted folks for that before. We don't want to be the next company that they won't sell to!"

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