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part 1

George entered the Nurse's office. "Hello? Sister Catherine sent me..."

"I got a call from the office. But I was expecting George Watson."

"Um. That's me."

"George? That's an unusual name for a girl."

"Uh, I'm not exactly a girl..."
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kengr: (punish me (plaid skirt; white panties))
He snuck in the door just before the bell rang. He knew everyone was looking at him, but he just headed for his seat. He was about to sit down when the Voice of Doom came from the front of the room.

"George Watson, come here at once!" Sister Maria's voice wasn't loud, but it carried.

Reluctantly, he walked to the front of the classroom and stood there as she looked him over. Sweater, blouse, skirt, knee socks and Mary Janes. His hair in a high ponytail, and the light makeup on his face. His school pack still hung from one shoulder as he'd not had time to set it down at his desk.

"We can't have this. Report to the principal." With that Sister Maria scribbled a note, folded it and handed it to him.

He could feel everyone's eyes on him as he walked to the door of the classroom and headed for the office.

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