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Many years ago in my weekly D&D campaign the party had gotten pretty chewed up. As I recall, no one died, but most of them were pretty low on hit points.

They'd left the ruined castle proper (everything above the ground floor was gone, and there was a partially water filled *crater* in part of the ground floor. An *elliptical* crater). They were heading across the large open area between the keep and the outer wall.

The gatehouse passageway was *huge* (as I recall, something like 50 feet across and 150 feet long). They'd just entered it when they encountered a small party of clerics heading in. From their symbols it was obvious they were of the evil variety.

Being as beat up as they were, the player party would just as soon not have another fight. They'd have almost certainly *won*, but they really didn't need the extra damage that'd ensue.

So some shouted negotiations took place as the two parties faced each other some distance apart. They'd just managed to agree to use opposite sides of the passage (at 50 feet, that was enough separation for both sides to feel mostly safe)

Then it occurred to one of the players that even *evil* clerics have cure spells. And it'd be nice to get healed some before they got back to town.

Since the dungeon was on a large island in a lake and the town was on another island over a mile away, this was actually a good idea. They might encounter some other problem before they got back to their boats, or encounter something while rowing back to town.

So, more negotiations. They wanted to buy some cure serious wounds spells. Much discussion amongst the evil clerics.

"Ok, it'll be a thousand golds apiece."

"A thousand! That's outrageous. They'e only 500 in town!"

The cleric shrugged. "So go to town. We're here, the price is a thousand each."

Much arguing but the player party gave in. Everybody watched carefully as the worst injured got healed. They were somewhat better, and the parties went on their ways. The player party got back to town ok and got healed up and everything.

A couple of months later, they hear some folks laughing themselves silly in a tavern. So they ask what's so funny.

Seems that the story was about how some priests of [????] had swindled some adventures. They'd charged them for cure serious but only cast cure light.

The players were *not* happy, as a cure light (in town) was only 100 gold. So they hadn't paid double the price, they'd paid *ten times* the price.

And this, children is how my players learned a painful lesson about the difference between player knowledge and character knowledge. Among other things.

It was hard keeping a straight face while negotiating that scene. And it was hard to wait all those weeks before I let the players find out. But *oh* was it satisfying. :-)
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A few (sort of) D&D related things.

Long ago, the Sticks & Stones microgame gave me the idea of "Stone Age" D&D. Neolithic would be interesting, though Paleolithic might be workable.

Obviously the classes would be a bit different. Of the basic four (fighter, cleric, mage, thief) fighters wouldn't change a lot. Mostly a matter of fewer armor and weapon choices.

Clerics would pretty much be limited to some sort of shaman. And their spells would likely be more limited

Mages are a trickier fit, and they'd *definitely have their spells more limited.

Thieves would be *way* different, probably more scouts and hunters to keep the "sneak around" skills.

Monsters would still exist, though a lot of them would be more limited just due to the lower populations.

Dwarves require some thought, but other than tech limits, shouldn't be too much of a problem. Halflings aren't a problem. :-)

For the "evil" races, orcs & goblins aren't a big problem. Kobolds probably aren't either.

Elves of all sorts are a problem. Their long lives might be a problem on several levels, and just how much of advantage they'd have both magically and technologically is gong to greatly affect things.

Another fun thought is if you are running several "independent" campaigns, the results of the stone age campaign might show up in the more "usual" period games as myths and legends. :-)

And now for something completely different.

I'm wondering what sort of "properties" a certain infamous puzzle box would have in D&D. What sort of magic folks think it should detect as, whether it detects of evil, as cursed, etc.

I'm thinking specifically of the "Lament Configuration" box from Hellraiser.

What do you folks think?
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I'm looking for the specs on an old D&D spell. I was able to check my set of original D&D books, and it wasn't in any of those, so it's probably from AD&D first edition. But those books are pretty buried.

Anyway, it was a moderately high level spell, and let the caster summon(?) an extradimensional 10x10 room. I think he had to cast it on a doorway or other opening which became the door to the room.

At higher levels he got bigger rooms.

He could put stuff in it, and it'd be there when he opened a door to the room again.

Anyway, if it sounds familiar to anyone, I'd like the spell name and any other info you can dig up including verbal somatic and material components if any as well as the restrictions.

Thanks in advance.

It'll help with a story idea.

Odd idea

Jul. 25th, 2013 11:51 am
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While reading a fantasy story on the net, I had an odd idea.

Picture a typical Fantasy world, say Conan, or Fafhrd & Gray Mouser. Now, add an ice age (never mind how it is that they couldn't stop it)

So. the ice age is ending. The glaciers are retreating. And I'm wondering what would survive to be exposed as they do. I think even a wizard's castle (unless it had *really* strong magic and the magic was being maintained) would lose to an advancing ice sheet. Cities, towns and villages, not a chance.

But what about all those underground labyrinths, catacombs and "dungeons"? Would they survive?

If they do, how easily would the entrances (or the entries to lower levels if the upper levels got scraped off by the ice) be found?

Most of the denizens would have likely died over the centuries or millennia that they were sealed off by the ice. But some might survive. and some of those might have opened up the entrances from below. Woe to the party of adventurers who fail to note the signs of the entry being opened from below.

And, of course, entries that do get exposed will attract new tenants. Plus the orcs, goblins and what not may find entrances while digging for other reasons. Not sure that dwarves and the like would be incautious enough to go digging where there are signs of old work, given what might be lurking. Then again, there might be gold...

So you could have new "monsters" in the "dungeons" as well as ancient and long forgotten horrors. And the new tenants won't know the secrets of the delvings, but the old ones might.

Might make for an "interesting" setting.

Oh yes, I can see some magic items being durable enough to be found in the rock and gravel deposits left behind by the retreating ice. Maybe some precious metals and gems (though most would have been ground to powder).

So there'd be reasons to go prospecting in those deposits. A wise man might be wary of mysteriously intact statues, building stones or metalwork they find. But how many prospector types are all that wise?

Even if I was still gaming, I'm not sure I could pull this one off. Especially since I haven't a clue how to figure out how justifiable having the "dungeons" survive is.

Probably just file this away like my old thoughts about doing "stone age" D&D (Clan of the Cave Bear with magic and elves? :-)

Odd gizmo

Jun. 5th, 2012 11:12 pm
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While dreaming last might at one point I was watching a game D&D or some other RPG. I had an idea based on the fact that the players were attacking into a room.

In the light of day, it's a bit sillyish, but what the heck.

Sort of like a large die (as in the singular of dice). It has concave/recessed faces, with raised pips. Much like dice for the blind.

the pips are actually something like BBs. You toss it into a room and the faces detonate one at a time propelling the pips like bullets.

As I said, in the light of day it's more silly than neat, but what the hey.


Nov. 16th, 2011 03:41 pm
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at Orycon I came across some most curious dice.

One was the Koplow "Ten Commandments" die. Yep, each face has a shortened version of one of the commandments on it. I'll refrain from speculating on what evil a GM (or player) might do with such a thing. :-)

The other was a d12 with: the following on it:
10 000's
100 000's
ten thousands
hundred thousands

It's taken me a few days, but I finally came up with the right search terms to let me find a source online:

And there are even some other almost as neat d10s there. Having d10s marked with all those extra zeros would be handy oin gaming. But have the one I originally search for to give the "magnitude" of what you are rolling for should strike fear into the hearts of your players.
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Had a flash of a bit of scene for something. Maybe a story, maybe a gaming session.

Guy wakes up after losing a fight. He's still in his armor, but tied quite securely.

Someone steps into view with an unsheathed dagger.

"We have a few questioned we'd like answered.."

The man with the dagger bends down and casually and apparently effortlessly cuts the straps holding the armor together.

He then picks up one of the smaller plates and glances at the prisoner again.

"As I said we have some questions."

As he speaks the prisoner's eyes bug out. Because his captor is *whittling* at the steel plate with that dagger.
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On the off chance folks might be interested, I've put a bunch of gaming stuff I dug out of storage up on eBay. The *newest* is 20 years old. Some of it goes back to the mid 70s.

ETA: another 25 or so items (mostly Car Wars, and Metagaming Microgames) is going up in a couple of hours.
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*Evil*, even...

I was soring thru the spam today and saw a subject of "Kill dangerous germs dead!"
While marvelling at the redundancy, my gaming instincts kicked in.

Picture it... in a "modern" fantasy setting. *Zombie* bacteria...

"You don't understand, sir. The anti-biotics *did* kill the infection. But the bacteria were infected with the zombie virus..."


Jul. 11th, 2003 05:32 pm
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I stopped by the local gaming store today and picked up some neat dice.

Koplow Games
49-DRS&#OP ZH 9999

It's a set of three *tiny* 12 sided dice.

One red die, with the faces numbered 1 thru 12
One black die, with the signs of the zodiac
One white die, with the astroligical symbols for the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and ascending & descending node.

They were only a couple of bucks, and I ought to be able to do creatively odd things with them.

Add in one of my 30 sided dice, and I'll be able to do some *strange* random dates for gaming. :-)
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GM Experience88.41%
"Um... You guys are in a 10'x10' room..."
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You are 81.21% pure
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...since I played D&D. Some old friends invited me to a new D&D campaign they were starting tonight.

It was fun. But in our first encounter (we got jumped by orcs at nite while camping in the woods) I fought three rounds against a pair of orcs before remembering that my character was a magic user. And the pair facing me were dead by then. And I was down quite a few hit points.

My character spent the rest of her watch muttering under her breath "Use your spell, stupid!".

It's an odd party. Out of 8 PCs we only have two men. Both played by the same guy. Then again, given that there were only 5 players, with a 3-2 male/female ratio, this isn't all *that* surprising.

Too funny!

Feb. 22nd, 2003 07:43 pm
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Ever play Fantasy RPGs? then you need to read this

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