Feb. 19th, 2015 06:22 am
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A Whateley micro-fic

John was walking back to his cottage. Man, he wished he hadn't gotten stuck with such a lame codename. Furball? But he hadn't wanted to argue with the MCO since they thought his power was harmless.

He chuckled a bit at that then stopped when he realized he wasn't alone.

Oh great. It was that bunch of jerks that had been making life hell for some of the other freshmen. Looked like it was his turn.

"Oh look, it's Tribble Boy."

He tried to ignore them.

"Man what a lame power, summoning a bunch of harmless furballs."

Ok,. that was enough.

He reached out and called his friends to him.

There were dozens of balls of fur surrounding him and the bullies.

"I think you guys should leave."

"Why? Your tribbles gonna give us a cute overdose?"

"They're not tribbles...."

As he said that, the balls of fur opened their eyes. Eyes which somehow looked menacing. Even as a couple of the bullies started to say something, he continued.

"... tribbles don't have teeth."

At this the furry creatures opened impossibly wide mouths filled with lots of very sharp teeth.

Then the screaming began...

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