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This was a throwaway idea for a Whateley fanfic. Probably not possible even in that universe, but too silly not to go with. I decided to post it after [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith made a particular comment on someone's story.

Sandy was waiting for the last of the new batch of freshmen to show up so zie could take them on the tour. There was a zweet-boing noise from behind zir. Zie turned just in time for the human-sized roadrunner to startle zir with a loud "Meep! Meep!"

Zie was still boggling when the bird held up a sign with one wing. [Hi! I'm Velox.]

The sign flipped around and read [Is this the orientation tour for Twain?] Then it vanished.

"Uh, yeah. What's with the signs?"

[I can't talk anymore. Just make that sound.] flip [But I can manifest these signs] flip [Neat, huh?]

Sandy just shook zir head. Even for Whateley, Velox was a bit odd.

The last few freshmen showed up, and zie started the tour. After showing them the required places and things it came time for the usual "what's your power and how did you get it" talk.

Velox demonstrated his speed. The cloud of dust he raised was weird because it'd rained just that morning.

[Besides being fast, I'm either a reality warper...] flip [... or a probability warper.] flip [Weird stuff happens around me.]

[Don't EVER bring anything made by Acme near me!] flip [no way to tell what'll happen.] flip [but it won't be good for you.]

"What's with your code name?"

He held up a sign with a picture of a bird captioned [Lesser Roadrunner (Geococcyx velox)]

"So how'd you wind up like this?"

Apparently Velox got asked this a lot. He dug a paper from somewhere and handed it to the questioner. [Read it out loud, please.]

"Some friends had scored some weed, cheap. And we were having a party at my house since my folks were out of town. We were pretty stoned and I'd queued up all the Warner Brothers cartons on the player. We'd been watching Roadrunner cartoons for a couple hours when we all started feeling weird."

"I managed to call 911 before I passed out."

"Seems the guy who grew the weed had picked up some chemicals cheap. Fertilizer, pesticide, I forget what. They were cheap because they were some devisor stuff that didn't always work right."

"My friends just got sick. I turned into this."
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After reading a post by [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith on disabilities in SF, I got to thinking.

First one I recalled was Arthur C. Clarke's "Islands in the Sky" with a legless guy on a space station (someone else with a better memory reminded me that he was the commander of the station).

That lead me to recall that the Commandant of the Patrol Academy in Robert Heinlein's "Space Cadet" was blind.

And now that I think more, there was Baslim the blind and crippled beggar in Heinlein's "Citizen of the Galaxy" (who turns out to be a lot more than you'd think).

Then I recalled Murray Leinster's "Space Platform" where a good chunk of the workers building (on the ground!) the first space station (they launched it in one piece!!!) were midgets/dwarfs because they could work in tight spaces.

at one point it's suggested they they launch a smaller setup crewed by some of them as a stopgap because they don't need as muchg space, air or food as regular sized people.

And these were all in the 50s!

Later came Anne McCaffery's "The Ship Who Sang". And a book whose author and title I forget whose main character was blinded (on purpose by some nasties) and used a prosthetic that let him see thru the eyes of nearby people or animals. He managed to take advantage of this to figure out what everyone had been trying to do for a long, long time and "map" hyperspace.

C.S. Freidman had a book where one of the cultures was built around almost all the people in it being neurodiveregent in one way or another. And being *designed* to accomdate them.

Anyone else have some stories to add? Fantasy stories are ok too.
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This is one I've had in the back of my head for years.

Working title is "Room".

He got off the bus and headed for the store. Then he walked around the building to get to the back. From there he pushed through some bushes and started up the faint trail that made a diagonal up the face of the ridge.

Soon he was on the wide shelf partway up the hill. It was a good hundred feet wide and ran half a mile or so. He enjoyed walking among the bushes and small trees. Soon enough he arrived at the back of the old abandoned building.

There was cyclone fencing around it, but other people had made holes here in the back where it couldn't be seen from the street. He crawled through one of the holes, dusted himself off and went to a doorway that had been boarded up. Someone had pulled the boards though.

It was a bit dim inside, but not too bad because the windows on the front side of the building weren't boarded up. After all on that side this was the third floor!

He'd been poking around for a bit when he heard a noise. He looked out a window and saw someone guys standing near the front of the building.

Uh oh. He recognized them from school. He did not want to run into them. He'd had enough trouble with them at school.
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Not remotely finished, but it seemed like a good stopping point

ETA:I'm looking for some feedback. And I'm curious as to your thoughts about what's going on or might be going on. *I* know, but I'm both wondering how it comes across to the reader, and what others think about the "situation".
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(I discovered that I'd actually never posted part 1, just an excerpt)

I took a deep breath before walking into the locker room. I was nervous, but I could do it. I hoped...

I'd actually gotten about a dozen feet inside before the yells started. I ignored them and headed on over to the cage to get a basket.

I'd almost made it when this huge guy blocked my path.

"Aren't you a little confused girlie? This is the boys locker room."

I looked up at him and said "Yeah, I know."

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Made a comment about gear for a flying metahuman and the gear they'd need.

Actually some handheld GPS units *have* barometric altimeters. My Garmin GPSmap 60csx does. It also has a magnetic compass (which you can override the display for to show true north instead).

So any one of a number of GPS units, a radar transponder (which should probably tie into the GPS for altitude), an aircraft band radio and she's set for both visual and instrument flight.

Me, I'd add a pulse oximeter, oxygen tank and mask. Just in case.

Someone talented could probably build most of that into a helmet and harness. Complete with a heads up display.

For real paranoia and unforeseen circumstances, a steerable parachute might be an idea as well.

So, let's look into this a bit farther.

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For many years I've amused myself with alternate history scenarios. Mostly set against a background of a group of people who got a clue about a number of things *very* early in history. So they are always a few steps ahead of the rest of humanity.

Anyway, I know that that would make serious changes in all of history, but it's still fun to ignore that and picture them "interfering" at various points in history.

The one that came to me tonight was them having a little "talk" with the Spanish (who they trade with) about the Spanish trying to muscle in on another trading partner...

"But they are savages, barbarians" exclaimed the Spanish ambassador.

The Republic's representative just gave him a *look*. One that implied "and you aren't?"

This annoyed the Spanish ambassador even more.

"They sacrifice people to their pagan gods! They cut their hearts out on their altars!"

"And the Inquisition burns heretics at the stake. I fail to see any significant difference."

Lairs R Us

Mar. 9th, 2017 02:29 pm
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A few days ago [ profile] gridlorehad a post about "Who built the Batcave?" I'm repeating my reply and expanding on it.

Do what rich white people do all the time. Bring in "illegals".

More specifically, hire folks with the right skills from all over the world. Bring them in illegally (which also lets you keep them from knowing where you are taking them).

Use refitted cargo containers. Which can also be used for housing on-site. Wayne enterprises could probably use portable housing of that sort in a lot of places anyway.

So all the workers and contractors know is that they got hauled somewhere, built some neat stuff, never saw anything outside the cave, and got paid very well for it.

You could even split things up so that no one group built more than a portion of the stuff. So even if they talk, they can't give away anything significant.

Heck, set it up as a special business unit in Wayne Enterprises, and keep doing the same thing for other heroes, the military, and intelligence agencies.

Inn a world with supers there are likely *several* such outfits.

And in some universes, they may get treated like the Whateley campus. They are hands off because *everybody* uses them, and *nobody* wants to have them (or their personnel "leaned on" to leak info about jobs they've done.

Picture having the Justice League, Lex Luthor and bunch of other "heavy hitters from *both* sides of the law "somewhat upset" with you? Or in the Marvel-verse, the avengers and Doctor Doom.

Though the business has other perils.

"What were you thinking of? Using a Lexcorp QX-3000 in a hero's base?"

"But it's cheaper and more reliable!"

"If a hero *asks* for stuff from Lexcorp, that's fine. And if they aren't one of the ones who has an ongoing feud with Luthor, you might *suggest* it as a possibility. But never do something like that without checking."

"And while we're on the subject, be really careful about using Wayne Enterprises gear in projects that might not be entirely legal. They've blacklisted folks for that before. We don't want to be the next company that they won't sell to!"

story seed

Sep. 16th, 2016 04:55 am
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This just came to me the other day. May or may not do anything with it.

The second female President of the US was a bit worried. She'd had a few of these ultra top secret briefings since she'd taken office, but something seemed off about this one. They'd seemed rather nervous when setting it up.

Well, she'd know what it was about soon enough.

"Ms. President, you may have heard rumors about Roswell, area 51, and even the conspiracy theories about 'Majestic'. Today you will be learning the truth behind those those."

"Excuse me, you mean all those alien conspiracy niuts are right?!"

"No, ma'am.. They are actually very wrong. But the truth is a lot stranger than the wild talk. What crashed at Roswell wasn't a flying saucer. Nor was it crewed by aliens."

"Roswell was *real*?"

"Yes, and no. It's rather hard to explain. We still aren't sure what to call the craft, but the consensus is that the crew were what our distant ancestors referred to as the 'Fair Folk'. Keep in mind that they didn't do that because these beings were 'fair' in any sense of the word. Instead they did so to avoid offending them if they happened to be listening. These aren't the elves of modern fantasy. these are the sort of beings that participated in the Wild Hunt."
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While reading a story with yet another naturally talented hacker a bit of inspiration struck and gave me a different take on some ideas I'd been playing around with. Other than the first paragraph, the rest is subject to a lot of change

"Kid, where I come from, your computers wouldn't even be considered junk. they'd be classed as hazardous waste. a positive danger to anybody who tried to use them"
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someone posted the link to this on a mailing list I'm on.

I'm only partway thru it,but it's already insanely silly.
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I was thinking about the Whateley shared universe just a bit ago and came up with an interesting take on one of the better powers to have. Regeneration.

In the Whateley-verse it comes at various levels, from "heals a bit fast than normal", to "her arm grew back before the removed one hit the ground.

There *are* drawbacks to the higher levels of regen. One is a form of cancer that *uses* the regn to grow faster and unstoppably.

another is that at the higher levels things like your blood and breast milk are major biohazards because if they get into someone else's body they can turn them into a copy of you.

But I'd been thinking about *dis*advantages. Powers that are inconvenient. And that's when it hit me.

Somebody with really high level regen. Say the "will heal from anything that doesn't kill them outright" level complete with being pretty much immune to diseases.

For the character I have in mind that last is a really good thing. Y'see, their high level regen is just a bit messed up.

It's *slower* than normal healing. A lot slower. A shaving cut might take days to heal. Something more serious... ouch.

Maybe stick them into a Normal Girl vignette. Codename "Breakable" (by contrast to the guy in "Unbreakable" :-)
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Work in progress
part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4
part 5
part 6

We'd barely gotten on the bus when my phone and Chris's started going off.

I grabbed mine and I had a text from Sally. "Looking hot bro!" with an attached pic. I pulled up the photo.

Oh god. It was me in the hall outside English, right after Chris had given me that kiss and hug. My shorts had been a lot tighter than I thought after that kiss. My cock looked huge and my boobs were prominent as well. Looked like my nipples were hard enough to cut glass, even through the top.

I texted back "Where did you get that?"

Sally's response was "you're all over Facebook and Tumblr"

"I'm doomed."

Chris looked up from her phone.

"Somebody told you about the posts?"

I just backed up a bit and showed her the pic.

"My sister sent me that."

"Wow. That looks better than you did before I kissed you."

"Not helping."

"I wonder if the pic is good enough to blow up to poster size?"

"Really not helping."

"Aww. You'd look great on my bedroom wall."

"Yeah right up until your mom & dad see it. Then I'm dead and you'll be grounded for life."

Chris gave it some thought. "Nah, probably only grounded until college."

I made a face. "I'll still be dead though."

"Dad wouldn't do that. He'd probably just maim you a little."
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A few scenes that have featured in some of the daydreams about using Trek type tech now.

A drug deal is about to go down. Cue transporter effect and all the drugs, money and illegal weapons vanish.

A variant, leave the weapons until after they finish shooting at each other.

Terrorist group of your choice. Cue transporter effect. Weapons disappear. So do terrorists. The terrorists reappear in whatever place they'd least want to be. Holding cells, in front of families of victim (especially in cultures that go in for "personal" revenge), etc.
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I'm sure many of us have played around with what we (or one of the characters we write about) could do with tech on the level of Star Trek or other SF shows and books. Whicjh is prettuy much "magical tech (thus the "magi-tech" in the title)

I'd been thinking that the sort of sensor tech Trek (and others have) was really problematic.

It'd let you find all the nasty criminals, but at the cost of major league Big Brother or worse tactics.

Still it was fun to think about.

Then, one day, I recalled an old Asimov short story about gizmo that could view the past. Only it turned out to not have nearly the range claimed (centuries). The Powers That Be made a big deal of looking at the distant past, because that keppt people from asking "when does 'the past' begin?"

The answer, of course is "the tiniest frasction of a second ago". So the time viewr was better used as what Smith and others have called a "spy ray".

And that set me thinking on a new tangent.

If you set the right limits on your magitech, you can bypass a lot of the moral/ethical problems.

I decided to assume sensors that could get really good data for decades into the past. Questionable, but makes for such lovely possibilities.

Thus, rather than Big Brother watching everyone & and everything, you have a crimer or possible crime becoming known.

Our Heroes with their magical tech (from the far future, alien, and alternate timeline or whatever) can then look back at said incident and see what happened. And then follow the prepetrators back to their bosses, etc.

Thus any innocent people only get viewed/scanned incidentaly as the surviellance of the actual bad guys procceds thru the remote viewing/past viewing.

Our Heroes would still have to act outside the law to get info that can be turned over to the authorities, or act extra-legallyon their own. But at least they've dodged a major ethical hurdle.
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Apparently, I've dreamt about this character before. It's just this is the first time I rememberd the dream after waking up.

The main thing of interest about the character is that he can climb walls. My best guess is that he's got something like gecko skin.

But as I was waking up, I realized some implications of the way he was climbing. The one time he used the ability in this dream, he swarms up a 30 foot vertical wall about as fast as I could walk the same distance. And with no visible effort.

And he was only using his hands. Think about that for a moment.

He was only using his hands for "grip", and could swarm, up that wall with no real effort. What does that say about his arm, shoulder and back muscles. Especially since he doesn't *look* to be very muscular.

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Feb. 19th, 2015 06:22 am
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A Whateley micro-fic

John was walking back to his cottage. Man, he wished he hadn't gotten stuck with such a lame codename. Furball? But he hadn't wanted to argue with the MCO since they thought his power was harmless.

He chuckled a bit at that then stopped when he realized he wasn't alone.

Oh great. It was that bunch of jerks that had been making life hell for some of the other freshmen. Looked like it was his turn.

"Oh look, it's Tribble Boy."

He tried to ignore them.

"Man what a lame power, summoning a bunch of harmless furballs."

Ok,. that was enough.

He reached out and called his friends to him.

There were dozens of balls of fur surrounding him and the bullies.

"I think you guys should leave."

"Why? Your tribbles gonna give us a cute overdose?"

"They're not tribbles...."

As he said that, the balls of fur opened their eyes. Eyes which somehow looked menacing. Even as a couple of the bullies started to say something, he continued.

"... tribbles don't have teeth."

At this the furry creatures opened impossibly wide mouths filled with lots of very sharp teeth.

Then the screaming began...
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I'm trying to come up with a name (brand name) for a fictional drug that prevents orgasm, but doesn't interfere with arousal, etc. This would be of great interest to a somewhat select audience. :-)

Ok, the idea for the drug is an old one. But in the last few months I've encountered info that shows it's actually *possible*. Seems the effect is a well known (if relatively uncommon) side effect of many antidepressants. Which means that if anybody funded the relevant research, such a drug could likely be developed (likely with a good chunk of the initial research helping figure out how to eliminate the side effect from the original drugs).

Anyway, my first attempt at a name was NoGo. But that's way to easy to confuse with other things.

Next idea was NoGasn, followed by Norgasm. But those may run afoul of a trademark rule about drug names that are too closely tied to the effect of the drug.

Filly, I came up with sisyphene (from Sisyphus). Seems somewhat appropriate: working towards a goal you never reach. :-)

I'm open to other suggested names.

BTW, I've decided that the formulation includes something that crates an intense blue color in the scrotal skin (or the labia minora in females, yes, the real world effect does happen to women, so no reason the fictional drug wouldn't work on them too)

Oh yeah, the real world effect take about a week too wear off *after* you quit taking the drug. I see no reason to design that out. <eg>

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