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A few days ago I had a dream. It started out with me arriving a bit late at a con. The con was being held in some hotel that had a bunch of "themed" areas.

Anyway, after spending some time with friends I went to check in (I think I was going let one of there friends share the room). Amazing the line at the desk was short.

Then came the fun. The elevators were somewhat camoflaged, and the other ways of transition between various areas had a lot in common with them park rides.

I was having increasing difficulty trying to find my room. and kept winding up back at places I'd already been. Mind you, this sort of "maze" behavior isn't that uncommon in my dreams. But this time I was getting cranky because I was tired and just wanted to rest.

Finally had a major league meltdown

About then I started coming awake and just before I woke up, I took one last glance at the paper with my room number on it. and proceeded to heap impreciations on my subconscious.

Why? The room was number 404...
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Apparently, I've dreamt about this character before. It's just this is the first time I rememberd the dream after waking up.

The main thing of interest about the character is that he can climb walls. My best guess is that he's got something like gecko skin.

But as I was waking up, I realized some implications of the way he was climbing. The one time he used the ability in this dream, he swarms up a 30 foot vertical wall about as fast as I could walk the same distance. And with no visible effort.

And he was only using his hands. Think about that for a moment.

He was only using his hands for "grip", and could swarm, up that wall with no real effort. What does that say about his arm, shoulder and back muscles. Especially since he doesn't *look* to be very muscular.

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I just woke up from an extraordinary dream.

Well, it was a eries of dreams with the usual illogical transitions.

I won't go into the earlier sequences, just the last one.

In it I had a paycheck belong to a friend or friend of a friend. The backstory (I think from a dream I've had in the past, yes I have dreams that sometimes repeat over long periods or "resume" after long periods) was that it'd gotten picked up for hoime by someone (possibly, me, but that didn't jibe with some of what was going on in this dream, and didn't jibe in a wauy that's out of pattern for my dreams "illogic").

Anyway the cjek which I was tring to take back to his job, so he could get it (apparently easier in the dream than actually getting it directly to him) was having typical combo of real-world/dream world problems. Apparently his job was at location A, and something medical. But to get the check to the "right" place, I had to take it to building B several miles away. Someone helpfully printed out some bit of paper I'd need to get past stufflike security.

At the point the dream got extraordinary, I'd shown the paper to someone at a building across from location A and they were looking something up or on the phone. I was waiting and having a bunch of papers and stuff in my hands I started going thru them.

The check had been stuck inside some sort of folded brochure. Totally unrelated, just something to protect it a bit and it may hace had directions to location A on it.

Now, I have to note one oddity about my dreams. I can't read in them. Or rather, I can see printed material, but if I try to look at it in detail it's a bunch of meaningless letter-like shapes.This has relevance here.

I do dream in color, though often it's not something I notice much. In this case it was very important.

Inside the folded brochure (it was about the size of a tri-folded letter) I found a small booklet. Paper folded to be 2-3" square. It came across as "cheap". Very thin paper that gave the impression of cheaps, possibly a bit because it was so thin/flimsy. But it was also *very* white paper.

Here's where it starts getting extraordinary. The booklet was "obviously" something that'd accidentally got into the brochure. It was totally unrelated and felt amateurish. I had the impression (recall that I can't actually read it in detail) that it was something about kids/family. On the second page there was a small color picture. Not glossy magazine quality, but at least decent inkjet or laser printing.

It *moved*. Like a couple of seconds of video clip!!

In my dream I was startled. I didn't believe my eyes at first. This was *not* a dream set in the future or an SF sort of place/time. There was another one on another page. The booklet was only like 8 "pages". And as I said very thin.

I was still boggling a bit at those impossible pictures as I travelled towards my destination. And found in amongst the other pocket/purse cruft that had been around the brochure and other stuff I'd pulled out when digging for that paper I'd had to show when I was getting driections, there was this sort of T shaped bit of plastic/cardboard.The top of the T was something over an inch wide. Say 3 cm. And about half that tall. The "shaft" was maybe a quarter as wide but much longer that the top was wide. The shaft was a bit wrinkled in spots and had nothing on it but an outline of an arrow.

The top of the T had another moving image. With *sound. And at one point, as I laid it face down against something I could see a it of a glow, so the image was emitting light not just reflecting it.

That was a *real* shocker. As I woke up, I'd shown it to some other folks and we were discussing what sort of future it must have come from. One where *that* was "throwaway" tech.

Why do I say throwaway? Remember my description. The bent/floded shaft of the T and the arrow outline. As I was showing it to them, I realized exactly what it was. It was one of those paper/plastic thingies you pull out of cheap items that use watch type batteries to activate them (ie to quit keeping an electrical contact from being made.

And yet it had a several seconds of video with audio....

Definitely the setup for "where did these artifacts come from? And how?"

I stuck the fiction, research and writing tags on this because it *begs* to be used in a story. Though I'm not at all sure I could do it justice.

In any case I thought it was *such* a different thing that I should share it. The sense of astonishment in the dream was really something else. But then, how would *you* feel if you encountered something like that in your real life?


Nov. 5th, 2008 02:30 pm
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Ijust got up from a nap. Had some odd dreams. I'll try to describe the last one.

Some bikers are causing trouble riding down a back road. But they don't seem to be coming from anywhere. Ride out, cause trouble and vanish.

After a bit, it's found that they are coming from some sort of dimensional warp or something. A pocket of space where they don't age and the entry and exit points attach to points on earth from time to time. It may originally have been a trail thru "wild" woods" or something. And become "lost" due to some of the magics.

Besides raiders, then horsemen and now bike gangs, others have wandered in as well.

"Lost children" and other wanderers.

Someone (psychic? hedge witch? magickal trouble shooters as seen on many a TV series?) realizes what's going on and manages to convince the local authorities.

The question is what to do.

The bad guys are pretty much The Wild Hunt.

But some of the wanderers aren't bad. They can get out for a short period but have to go back. And sealing them in with the rest isn't fair. Assuming that the lost road *can* be sealed.

For the not bad to get out, someone else must replace them. Either by being tricked into it, or willingly. The former tends to have karmic backlash. You may be out but the life you get, besides being far in the future of your original life, may not go so well.

At least some of the lore about the road comes from folks who tricked their way out repenting and leaving behind diaries when they found the road again and went in to free the poor souls they'd tricked.

Some comes from those who were tricked and then released by those who repented of tricking them.

Bad guys can get out this way too, but if they don't reform they tend to have a short life. If they do, they tend to try to do better.

Some who volunteer to take the place of a trapped soul do so because they think they have nothing to live for. Or are near death. Alas, they'll be in there for eternity unaging, unchanging.

Those are the ways out those on the inside know of. But there's another way.

One that only popped up late in the dream.

Someone must "take" them out. Be willing to be their father or mother (a lot of "lost kids" trapped in there!)Or to be their lover. True love conquers all and all that.

And then at the end, the final miracle. A few of the older kids saying things like "no one will want me." and a "voice" from nowhere saying something that badly translates into English as "because you you're a boy?" (heavy implication of "instead of a girl").

And when they admit it, they change. And can follow others out.

Repeat for FtMs and gays.

Very crude description, especially since I'm leaving out the fights to stop the "Wild Hunt" and the folks rushing in and tru to try to show the other traped souls the way out.

and so much of the rules/background was just stuff you "knew".

And that first kid *so* angry at being left behind glowing with joy as shefinds herself and a way out...

Damn I wish I had the skill to turn it into the sort of story it deserves to be.

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