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Aug. 2nd, 2015 09:39 pm
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A post about sex worker's rights over on [ profile] fayanora's tumblr sent my mind down an "interesting" path.

I think it was because I used the phrase "getting paid to have sex shouldn't be illegal."

My mind suddenly threw up this vision of what some employment contracts might look like is getting paid for sex as legal (and if we weren't big hypocrites about sex).

Some people's "executive assistant" postings would definitely include it if it was legal and wouldn't get them in trouble otherwise.

I daresay it might make the jobs easier to fill long term, because it'd have that sort of thing up front. It'd definitely eliminate a lot of candidates because they'd know in advance that they didn't want the job.

Doesn't mean that there wouldn't be people desperate for a job that'd hold their nose and take it in spite of not really wanting to do "that". But at least it'd be out in the open.

And just as having prostitution legal makes it a lot easier to go after clients who go too far, I suspect that even with "sex with the boss" as part of the "duties" listed, there'd be "he went too far" cases.
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Possibly a computer shop with a computer "museum" attached. I've got the old gear for the museum. And I more or less have the skills for the assembly/repair stuff. Just need a few folks to help with the "human interface".

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