Aug. 22nd, 2015 05:04 pm
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Woke up early enough to make a produce run.

Got halfway there on the bike, and had to turn around because I realized I didn't have my ID with me.

I was only 10 minutes later than my usual time, but there were 4 more people in line than usual.

Main things of note were were that they had loaves of sliced bread this time, and 3 lb containers of potato salad (they had at least two *cases*, and they don't expire until the end of the month, so I guess the manufacturer donated a bunch to the main food bank)

Also got mushrooms, cucumbers, asparagus, bell peppers, and some fruit.

total distance: 3.7 miles
max speed: 13.3 mph
moving average: 7.5 mph
moving time: 29 min


Aug. 12th, 2015 07:40 pm
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Had a doctor's appointment for a diabetes checkup. It was at 6:15.

Of course, the day *after* I make it, they announce they are having a pizxza party at the apartments from 4-6.

I managed to get a little of the pizza before I left for the appointment.

I decided to use my bike becausde I could leave a lot later (on the bike, it takes about 30 minutes. On the bus it takes 90).

Unlike the forecasts earlier in the week, it wasn't cloudy *or raining. So I half melted on the way. also, as usual, going from working on the bike in the hot air to sitting around in the air conditioned waiting room meant I was *covered* in sweat. Bleah.

Appointment went ok. I have new doctor. It's a guy this time, but he seems nice. got thru the checkup ok, and I even remembered to bring up the two other things I wanted to ask about.

First was getting back on zoloft. My depression has sort of snuck up on me again, and I'd been blaming some of the extra sleeping and lack of interest in stuff on the heat. But I finally decided I should get back on zoloft to see if it'd help like it did before.

No problem with that. The prescription might even be ready now, but I'll go check tomorrow.

The other issue is that over the last few years I've been making an increasing number of typos. Used to be I'd make maybe 1 typo in a few paragraphs. These days, sometimes I'll have several in the same *sentence*.

For now looks like it'll be "see in the zoloft makes a diff, then look into things further if thatisn't the problem.

Definitely gotta ride the bike more often.


distance: 6.92 miles
max speed: 16.3 mph
moving time 54:46
moving average" 7.6 mph

too humid

Aug. 3rd, 2015 02:24 am
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Since the weather had cooled down so much (the high Sunday was only 84 or some such as opposed to the 97 the day before, I decided to take a long-delayed bike ride

I really did need it. My fitness has definitely slipped given how hard it was pedaling in some stretches.

Probably would have helped if I'd remembered to re-inflate tires properly before it got too late to use the compressor.

I intended it to be just a short ride, and that's just as well. When I got home I checked the humidity and it was 50%. Yeesh. No wonder I felt like I was swimming.

total distance: 2.82 miles
max speed: 11.5 mph
moving time 30:52
moving average: 5.5 mph
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Saturday was Produce day. I went to the food pantry for the regular Saturday produce distribution.

Had to turn down a lot of things as I already had them. The red lettuce in the garden had looked more than ready to harvest and when Fay did so on friday it pretty much *doubled* the amount of lettuce I had. Which was way too much to start with. I did grab a few leaves of swiss chard to go with the red chard I already had. Wound up with more broccoli (I can always find a use for broccoli).

Got some apples and an orange, some juice and several other things.

Fay had been going to go with me, but her alarm didn't go off. Oh well, that meant I could go by bike and take less than half an hour round trip instead of a couple of hours.

Still had to wait over an hour at the pantry though. They "start" at 10, but at 9 there are usually half a dozen folks in line. I got there early enough to be #5.

Afte I got home, I rested a bit then Fay and I went to check out two of the farmer's markets I've mentioned. Rossi Farms is nice, but their prices may be a bit high. I got some purple potato fingerlings, some green and yellow beans, and they threw in 3 zuccinnis (green, yellow and striped) for free.

They've got some jams that looked interesting, but I need to see if the Moppethill Farms booth at Saturday market can take those senior produce checks. If they can, I'll stick with them.

We also swung by the Ron Spada Farms booth (and it was a literal *booth*. Most fireworks stands are bigger!). They had various berries and other fruit. I note that their cherries were almost as cheap as the ones I got thursday.

Didn't get anything there.

Walking between the two "markets we passed a 7-11 and I suddenly remembered what day it was. So Fay and I each got a free slurpee.

We took the 21 bus home so I could stop at the hardware store and replace the sprinkler that had disappeared from our garden plot. Yeah, the other day somebody cut one of the hoses and used it to siphon gas from someone's car. They also broke another sprinkler (still usable, as it was just the "frame" that got busted). And for whatever reason, they seem to have taken our sprinkler.

$7 poorer I have a new one. And it comes back inside with me after use.

If I'm feeling ambitious I may make a run to the storage locker and/or Saturday Market (it's open on Sundays too) later.

total distance: 3.03 miles
max speed: 15.5 mph
avg speed: 6.8
moving time 26 min
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A month or two back, I got a letter offering me a chance at some "checks" for the Seniors Farm Direct Nutrition Program. I sent back the form and last mmonth I got the checks (either I got lucky in the lottery or there weren't that many folks applying).

So I had 6 $4 checks that can be spent with vendors at farmer's markets. One thing to beware of is that they don't give change. So you either buy more than $4 worth of stuff and pay cash for the rest, or you "lose" some of the money.

There was a partial list of "local" (within 20 miles or so of Portland) farmer's markets, and a link for a complete list (which I haven't gotten around to checking.

Yesterdauyy I tried calling the numbers for several of the markets on the list, but only got thru to one. It was the Cully Farmer's Market, which is only open on Thursdays. That much I already had, but from the person on the phone, I got tne hours.

BTW, none of the others answered or returned my call.

Anyway, Fay and I were going to check out the Cully market as it's the nearest one. She didn't get enough sleep last night and bowed out. So that meant that instead of wasting an hour on the bus, I was able to take my bike. Only took about 10 minutesto get there.

Pretty small, they're in a restaurant's parking lot. And only two or three booths that had actual produce (the one I'm not sure about was selling edible plants).

There were several crafty ttype booths one selling drinks, and a bakery booth. I was tempted by a couple of things at the bakery, but not at the prices.

The two produce booths were one with apricots, blueberries, and two kinds of cherries. I'm not much for apricots, and blueberries weren't doing it for me. But I got two pints of cherries. One of the red& yellow sort and one of the deep purple kind. That was $5. So I handed over one of the $4 checks and a $1 bill. %0 cents a pint for cherries. Oh yeah.

The other produce booth had figs(meh) gojiberries (didn't have any out) butter lettuce and chard. I had both lettuce andchard, so I didn't buy any, but when I need more, I'll keep them in mind.

There's market down in the Hollywood district that's open on Sasturdays. That's on the list to check out. There's one that's way out on 122nd, but the bus that runs past her runs past it as well. And it's supposed to be open 7 days a week. But we dont know the hours. And their phone wasn't answering. Probably have to waste a bus trip to check for their hours.

There's another one a few blocks off the same bus, a bit farther along.

Ooops. Missed another that's on the same bus.

So we have a few places to check out.

total distance 2.33 miles
moving time 25 min
max speed 14.2 mph
avg moving: 5.6 mph
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As of Midnight, recreational pot use is legal. *Getting* it is the tricky part.

Untiil y=the OLCC works out rules (many months down the road) there's no place to *buy* it.

So the only legal way to get it is to have someone giove it to you or to grow it yourself.

To celebrate legalization and mke a gesture at solving the "how to get it" Problem NORML was giving away pot at midnight. Supposedly. pot & seeds.

Silly me, I figured that if I left home at 10:30, I'd be ok.

I got to the Burnside bridge at 11. The giveaway was at the west end. When I realized I was riding past a *line*, I had to backtrack until I was three-quarters of the way to the *east* end.

There was a long, long wait. Eventually around onethings started moving faster. Which turned out to be because they were out of pot.

A guy with a bullhorn was saying to go to a medical marijuana dispensary near the Hawthorne bridge and they'd have pot to give out. He said "right now".

Well, there wasn't anybody there. Finally, at 10 to 2, someone arrived and said they'd be giving free pot to folks with medical marijuana cards.

I gave up and left. In part because I'd mostly been interested in the seeds.

So I headed home. I swung by Voodoo donuts, as it being after midnight I had money in my account and could spend some on a luxury. :-)

When I got home I texted Fay and she got her pick of the donuts as a birthday present. She picked a bacon maple bar.

That left another for me, plus two apple fritters and a mango tango (I'd been worrtied she'd want that, I'd wanted to get two but they only had one)

I shall be crashing soon. The ride, combine with all the standing in line has tired me out.

total distance: 12.6 miles
max speed: 17.2 mph
moving time 2hr 15 min
moving average: 5.5 mph

WNBR 2015

Jun. 28th, 2015 12:47 am
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The starting point was Colonel Summers park in SE Portland. It's at SE 20th & Belmont. I took the #71 bus to 60th & Belmont. I could have taken the #51 from there to the park, but it was all downhill. So rather than wairt for the bus, I rode my bike.

Since it was all downhill and pretty much little or no effort pedaling, I didn't bother counting that in the stats.

I got there around quarter to 8. Fo;lks were supposed to start gathering at 8, but there was quite a crowd already.

I quickly ditched my clothes. While we didnm't get close to the predicted 99 degrees (I think the high today was only 91) the humidity was fairly hig. And no breeezes. At least not in the park. Bleah.

In spite of my state of dress I was soon dripping with sweat. Next toime I pack a couple of small towels. And I need to get some sweatbands.

Saw all sorts of people. Including a couple of T-girls.

We also were "treated" to a drone flying over the park. *sigh*

Not sure when the ride actually started. Anbout 10 to 9, I was working my way towards the corner of 20th & Belmont. I foigurted that was the most likely departure point.

I was correct. I hadn't quite imagined the direction they'd pick. We started out east on Belmontt. As usual it was pascked pretty tightly at first. But not as bad as some years. I could actually *ride* withon the first block.

At Cesar Chavez (formerly 39th) Ave, we went south to Hawthorne. Turned East again and followed Hawthorne to 50th.

Then south on 5oth to Division. West n Division. At 10th Division starts running NW. We stayed on it all the way toi the end, where it ends at 3rd Ave. WWe followed that north to Salmon. The West on Salmon until it runs into the Esther Short park/esplanade/whatever the heck they call it.

I'd moved up quite a ways thru the pack during the ride. Lots of folks got there ahead of me anyway.

The recored track says that it was 5.6 miles, 43 min 22 sec, and 8 mph average.

They had *loud* music (lots of drumming) and I was sweating again as soon as I stopped moving. So I headed home. I put on my shorts. And was tempted to leave them off.

total mileage (WNBR & back home): 12.2 miles
max speed 18.5 mph
moving average: 52
moving time 2hr 21 min
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I've been worrying since late last month about the annual inspection of the apartments. Because of the "remodel" back in Sept I've had more stuff than usual in boxes, and since we have a new manager who is a bit of a pain in the ass, I was expecting it to be bad. she was actually pretty good about it.

But while I was (slowly) getting things straightened out, I haven't been riding my bike.

And the WNBR is Saturday. So I'm trying to make up for lost time.

Went out to hit a nearby geocache (GC5T5TA) Found it without too much trouble then tried yet another stab at one that has ben confounding me for years (GC39RJB) . Failed again on that one. Gonna have to ask for a hint.

On the way back, I saw a big bag of beer cans sitting at the curb and swung back. There was a woman just coming out of the door and I asked if they were just there for the taking. She said they were. And that she usually had a bag everuy day or so.

So I snagged it and hit tnhe bottle return at Albertsons before going home (it's literally next door, so no biggie).

Got $3.90. Gonna have to make a point of swinging by here on my rides. It's right on my preferred route home from points west...

Bike stats:

total dstance 6.16 miles (I'd only been planning on 3-5)
max speed: 13.6 mph
avg moving speed 5.7 mph
total moving time 1hour, 5 min.

Not bad at all.

Eeven so, the WNBR is going to be a killer. Suppsed to hit 99 or 100Satyrday. And oit won't have cooled off *that* much by 8 pm.

The folks who tried to do the naked 100 km (riding in all the naked rides that day) are going to *die* unless they are well prepared.
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Decided to ride the bike to the Saturday produce poickup at the food box place.

It was less than 15 min each way (as opposed to 45 or so minutes by bus). Got there at quarter to 9. Had 4 people in line ahead of me. Note that they don't actually start running people thru until 10.

I brought a book, so I was pok. Next time I'll remember to bring a hat. My bike helmetis ok when riding the bike but not so hot when sitting around.

Got some good stuff. Pineapple juice, a cantaloupe, some green onion, mushrooms, green beans and a grapefruit. Got some apples carrots and spuds too.

Oh yeah, got some salad greens. And a bag of black rice from the "we need to get rid of thios stuff" box at the end of the line. I grabbed some one before and it was ok. I figure I can use it to make some interesting variations on my usual rice dishes.

I did *not* take any of the chopped jalapenos or the whole ones. :-)

Gonna be able to make a few nice salads, and (since I bough eggs for a recipe last week) gonna have some killer omelets.

bike stats
2.8 miles round trip,
max: 13.5 mph
avg: 6.1 mph
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Okay, as Imentioned, Tuesday I went to the Multnomah County clinicto drop off my full sharps container and pick up a new one. I got the new one, but was informed they no longer took them.

I was told (and a *large* poster next to me also said) that I could take the full container to any fire station.

Well, I looked up fire stations and found one that was only about a mile and a half away. A nice ride for this early in the season.

So I get there. And get informed tthat there's been a recent policy change and *they* aren't supposed to take them either. (They let me do it this once, thankfully)

So after I post this I'm calling the clinic to let them know and ask where exactly I am supposed to take them *now*?

I don't expect to get much of an answer, so my *next* stop will likely be emailing a local TV station.Especially since they recently did a bunch of stories about used needles being dumped on riverside property that eventually turned out to be owned by the city or county. And they took the better part of a week to clean it up. And a week later, there were just as many needles.

So I'd say these policy changes are a reasonable followup story, yes?

I took a couple side trips on the way home, so I got some extra mileage. Speed is low because I had to walk the bike back up the hill.

bike stats
distance: 4.91 miles
moving time 55min 27 sec
max speed 12.3 mph
moving average: 5.3 mph

Bike stats

Jun. 9th, 2015 06:15 pm
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I forgot to stick in my stats for today's ride.

total distance: 7.65 miles
max speed: 13.9 mph
moving time 1hour, 13 min
moving average: 6.2 mph
stopped 29 min
And at spome point, my total miles since I started having the GPS accumalate data passed 1000 miles. I'm now at 1001.54 miles.

Bah, humbug

Jun. 9th, 2015 01:32 pm
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I decided to kill two birds with one stone today.

I've been a bit late getting back onto the bike this year and had only made a couple of short rides. I need to get into shape for the WNBR at the end of the month .

So I figured I'd ride my bike to the clinic and exchange my full sharps container for a new one. It'd be a bit of a ride for my current conditioning, but worst case, I could stop and rest on the way.

Well, I got there, only needing to walk a couple of slopes. Then I find out that in the 5 or 6 months since my last excvhange, they'd changed policy and the no longer accepted full sharps containers. They did give me a new one at least.

The notice said I could take full sharps containers to any fire station. Great! There's one only a couple blocks from the apartment.

So I headed back home. I did have to stop and rest several times. and I drank most of a bottle of water. I had second one though.

Even found a geocache on the way home.

So I ride up to the fire station. Only to find out it's been closed. *sigh*

Now I gotta find out which one will be most convenient to drop off sharps at.

I had tpo rest a bit before hauling the bike upstairs and I made a bottle of gatorade (diabeticcs use it half strength, so I buy mix and make it up myself. Also has the advantage of not spoiling that way).

Next ride, I take a bottle of that too.
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Went on another of the naked bike rides today. And before you ask, no those aren't the only rides I'm interested in.

I'll note that when I first checked the Pedalpalooza calendar back in May, the only naked rides were the WNBR last Satuday, and a Sunny Nekkid ride on the 26th.

When [ profile] fayanora mentioned the Ginger ride in chat after I got home from the WNBR, I noticed that she was referring to a Facebook post. I went to the calendar and sent her the link, including more info than she had. I started looking through it for more events she might be interested in.

Imagine my surprise to discover there'd been four other naked rides last Saturday. And a "super-ride" where folks would ride in all 5 and follow the same route in between so as to get a 100 km ride.

Plus other naked rides omn other days that hadn't been there earlier.

One was Thursday evening, but I was fighting a cold and it was supposed to rain, so I skipped it. It was the Full Moon Nekkid. :-)

At today's ride, I planned to show up 30 min early, based on the turnout from previous years (50+ riders at a guess)
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Well, this time the ride started from a park only a mile or so from my place.Normandale Park if anybody wants to check it out.

I happened to wind up going by the park in the afternoon coming back from some errands.It was only 4 pm when I (by mistake, honest) got off the #77 a stop early. I checked things out (there's geocache in the park and I looked around the general area to get an idea of what I'd be in for when I swung by with the GPS. There were already 3 naked people hanging around.

I did *not* see signs of the angry neighbors the news last week had led me to expect.

Fay and I headed out around 7. When I left her at the bus stop, the bus was expected in 10 minutes. I had to stop and change batteries on my GPS somewhere between Fremont and Sandy. Even so, I beat Fay to the park.

It was pretty crowded by them. And got more crowded as time went on. Still didn't see any signs of disgruntled neighbors

Lot of gawkers though. Noted several parents with younger kids. Even one cute girl in a pink lace "skirt" (one of those poufy things like goes with a tutu). And that was *all* she was wearing. Didn't notice here footgear, if any.

Several guys in various sorts of drag. Including one it a cocunut shell bra and grass skirt.

Also noticed a cute T-girl. She was wearing a short pink skirt and I clocked her because she had a huge trans symbol on her shoulder in body paint. Didn't have my camera on me or I'd have asked to take a picture of the symbol.

The ride started (almost 30 minutes late) at around 9:30. We started at the corner of the park (NE 57th & Halsey) and headed up 57th to Sandy. That involved the worst uphiil climb on the ride.

At Sandy, we turned onto Alameda. We followed it to 37th ave. While riding it I though we were on several streets, but checking the track on my GPS later, I found that Alameda just turns a lot. Rather sharply at times.

At 37th, we went for a block then turned onto Bryce. From there, it was 32nd to Alberta, Alberta to Miississippi, an Mississippi to N. Graham. Which was the end of the ride.

Crowds were a lot thinner than in previous years, mostly (I suspect) because we were on streets that hadn't been used in previous years.

Also, about half the ride was on *very* residential streets (only Alberta and Mississippi are "commercial" type streets. I was also a lot closer to the front of the pack than previous years, so I'm sure that had an effect too.

A lot fewer catcalls than previous years. I didn't hear *any* negative comments about my body shape, though there were a few "hand slapper" type that pulled their hands back as I approached. But several stuck theirs out as I got close too.

In fact the worst thing I heard was some guy at me(?) to put my clothes on as I went past. I yelled back "No, you take yours off!"

Getting home took longer as there'd been some *significant* downhill on the last bit of the ride.

The route home the GPS picked had me making up most of that in *one* block. Yeesh.

But I got home just before midnight.

6.9 miles for the WNBR, 13.3 miles total (plus another quarter to half miles that didn't get counted because I forgot to reset the trip counter until I was changing the GPS batteries). Not bad at all.

I even got "warmed up" enough to pedal a lot faster than I normally do. Well, run at higher gears actually, there's no way I cann pedal "fast" my leg muscles just don't work that way.

Over did it

Sep. 3rd, 2013 05:31 pm
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Went out to pay the cable bill, and also go hunting some caches.

They put up 16 new ones yesterday, and six or more the day before. All within 5 miles of me.

First one was a multi-cache at a cemetary next to where my friend Kathy used to live.It was a matter of taking info from gravestones and using that to get the coordinates of the next gravestone.

It was harder than it needed to be because the person who set it up used the usual letters for numbers bit. Fir example the start was the sign for the graveyard and you needed the year it was founds, which gave you "digits" A B C and D.

The problem was that they used the letter O. And it wasn't clear if the later coords were XYoh or XYzero. I guess ed wrong (actually, I got it right, but they had the wrong thing (a zero instead ogf an O) and that had me hunting 100 feet from where the marker was.

Finally managed to find it.

The others weren't too hard. Except for one with a container type of "other", no clues, and ground zero being a *huge* clump of bushes. Bah.

I think I overthought one I didn't get. I'll check it next trip out.

But I hadn't been out on the bike a a few weeks, and the heat started to get me. So I cut things short and headed for a relatively nearby Max station. I texted [ profile] fayanora from there because I could tell I wasn't firing on all cylinders. Basically, "I'm not in great shape, I'm at *this* station, heading for [other station] and catching a bus for home from there. If you don't get updates, come looking."

I managed to make decent connections and got home ok. Barely. And fay texted me to check on things just as I got in the door. Not that I'd texted here when I was waiting for the bus, so she was keeping close track.

Not sure home many miles I did. Maybe 6 or 7. And I got 6 caches. If I feel up to it, I'll go after more tomorrow.
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Around 6:30 I decided to go on a short ride. At least partly because too many of my recent rides had been at night, and I didn't want to get out of practice for riding in daylight)

I hadn't intended it when I started out, but I decided to head out to the caches I hadn't gotten last night. Still couldn't find the one near a post office, but I think that's because I just didn't feel like digging thru the bushes that badly.

The one I coiuldn't find and emailed the cache owner about I did find. I hadn't noticed that there were *three* of the key items there, partly because it was dark last night and partly because the GPs was pointing at one very clearly (the rare thing where it says something like 2 feet while you are standing next to the target).

This evening I saw as I was riding up that were were indeed three. And *this* time, rather than pointing at one on one end, it pointed to the one in the middle. And sure enough, there was the cache.

The two I didn't have co-ordinates for last night were easy finds except for people from the nearby stores making it hard to be inconspicuous.

I didn't try for the ones on the bike path because I was getting tired. Since I was only a few blocks from a Max station, I rode over and took it to the Parkrose TC where I was able to catch a bus home.

I only did 5 miles, but did it in about 45 minutes of actual riding. So that's not bad.
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No, not the books, the time of day.

I'd checked to see when morning twilight was because I had reasons to want to do some riding at that light level. Alas, I hadn't used that astronomy program in a long time and I forgot that it was set to standard time. Oops. Only realized that towards the end of the ride when I checked sunrise time on my GPS and it gave a time an hour later than the astronomy program had.

Oh well, I still got a good ride in. Most of it was riding back and forth on that trail they were repaving. They finished it sometime between today and that previous ride.

It's nice in that it's fairly flat, winds a little and the woods it goes thru makes for nice scenery. It's also a bit over half a mile long, so a "lap" is a bit over a mile.

Oh yes, the earworms. I seem to be getting earworms while riding lately. Wednesday it was "Jesus Loves the Little Children" which I (thankfully) manage to change to "Odin Loves the Little Vikings" a good bit of the time. Even so, it kept slipping back.

Today it was a filk I can't recall the title of. But it's about working in the lunar mines to produce materials for L5 and SPS units.

I suppose I could use an MP3 player and headphones, but a bike rider wearing headphones, even on a bike path is *asking* to be in an accident.

Busy times

Jul. 3rd, 2013 10:53 am
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Monday, [ profile] fayanora came over as usual for TVC watching and general hanging out.

However, this being the first of the month meant it was also grocery shopping day. I'd pointed out a day or three before that I was *not* going to go out to Winco when it was in the upper 90s. But Fay overslept and showed up later than normal.

Being her birthday, I told her to head over to the bakery section at Albertsons. Great minds think alike. She too wanted something from the cold case.

The ice cream cakes were way too big (and expensive) the cheesecakes were a possibility, but we'd done that before. I noticed they have some cream pies. I suggested either the chocolate cream pie or the lemon sour cream pie. She went for the lemon. Good choice, I'd had it before and it's nummy.

I also steered her over to the case of "odd" sodas they have at one end of the frozen foods aisle,. Stuff like Dad's Root Beer, various ginger alies anfd ginger berrs, Blue Cream soda, Blue Raspberry soda, several varieties of orange and grape sodas, etc. She spotted some Huckleberry sodas. SO bought two, one for each of us. When we tried them later, they weren't bad. Not necessarily something either of us would by again, but we aren't sorry we tried them.
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Since it was in the 80-s today, I decided to wait until late to take a bike ride. I was overdue for one, but I wasn't crazy enough to try it in the heat of the day.

It was around 70 when I left. When I stareted heading back I passed a sign that said it was 66. It's a few degrees warmer than that outside my apartment. And the humidity is 69%. Ick.

I almost had an accident trying to take a paved trail down by the Columbia Slough. They'd closed that section off to repace it and in the dark, you couldn't see the fence until you were like 3 feet from it.

I could see where other folks had gone around the barrier, so I did too. Looks like it's about 2/3rd done. Bike tires on the fresh asphalt sound weird. Even weirder on the section where they'd done some patching and spread some "tar" but not put the asphalt on top.

I did almost 8 miles, but the real achievement was that I managed to *ride* all the way up Cully from Killingsworth on the last leg back to home.

It's not much of a slope, but it's almost a mile of steady slope. I managed to do it in really low gears, but I did it. I think I've walked most of that the last half dozen times I've gone that way.

That was also the only stretch where my heart rate got out of the 140s. There it got up into the 150s.

I don't know *why, but my body seems to be handling a lot of things better these days. My blood glucose numbers have been great for the last month or so, and when biking, I'm not winding up with my heart rate in the 180s on the hard parts any more. But I can't figure out what I'm doing different.

Gonna have to do more night rides as the temps are gonna be in the 90s a lot of the next week. Might even hit 100. Eek.

Have to try dragging [ profile] fayanora along too. She can use the exercise. And given that she did better than me on the Naked Bike Ride, she should be able to keep up.

Worst case, on one of the hot days, I can get her to go out to the beaches along the Columbia. We can get most of the wayt there by bus & Max. Take some towels, a cooler of food & drinks and maybe some books and the speakers for the MP3 players. Have a picnic on the beach and we can take turns watching stuff while we swim (or wade im her case)
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[ profile] fayanora went with me to the ride again this year. This time she was even willing to ride in it.

Not naked of course, but she did go down to her bra and panties.
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