Apr. 9th, 2017 02:55 am
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Our gardening last year was an utter failure, mainly because for various reasons we didn't really *do* much.

Didn't help that they didn't get the plots assigned until late May. Or that neither of us had much spare cash to buy plants with.

This year Fay and I had some miscommunication. I thought we weren't going to do it, she thought we were.

So I had to go and ask the (new) manager to add me to Fay's plot request.

We got the plot assignments Thursday and I got Fay's signature on the "we agree to the rules" form and turned it in Friday morning.

Saturday, we hit Portland Nursery. Apparently it's too early for tomatoes, but we got some tools (so we won't be borrowing from other folks in the apartments.

We also got some plant starts. I got this "Mesclune mix" which it a bunch of different salad greens. Also got a multicolored carrot assortment, just to try them out. If I like them, I'll get seed next year. Fay got some Swiss Chard, and some red lettuce ("Merlot")

I also got some seeds, scarlet globe radishes (I've had good luck with them in the past, but the seeds I had left were too old), and when Fay was pointing things out, there were these "ground cherries". They were interesting, but I passed them up. Put on a second pass thru that area I decided to grab them after taking a more careful look at the info on the packet.

We're going to go back again next month for other starts. And we both are likely to make another trip for other things this month. Fay needs a bigger pot for the spider plant she bought, and some potting soil. I'm thinking about getting stuff so I can start some seeds indoors and then just move them outside in the "plantable pots" (I forget what the real names is).

Also gotta talk to one of the other folks who gardens here and ask if he's going to make a run to pick up compost for folks. If so, I want to buy in so we don't have to try hauling bags of it on the bus. :-)

In other news, the 1/2 mile(?) walk to the nursery, and the quarter mile walk from it (we walk downhill from the 71 to get there, but walk over to the 20 when we leave and transfer to the 71 a few blocks later) showed that I was more out of shape than I thought. Gonna have to try walking around the block (it's a *big* block) to start.

Also gotta get a bike working. I need to check with Social Security about the overpayment (they switched me over from SSI to SS retirement benefits and managed to pay me *both* this month). If they'll let me pay it back by withholding 10% of my benefits for the next few months, I may have enough to replace the Electra Townie now instead of months from now.

If not, I'll get the one I got given working (needs a seat, and a tuneup).

Either way, I need a lock, lights, GPS mount and panniers. At least on the new benefits I have a couple hundred more a month than I did with SSI. Also, no more of the "can't have more than $2000 in resources" bit.
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I'd just cleaned out the fridge and was hauling some spoiled food to the dumpster.

Much to my surprise, there was a bike leaning against it with a "free". Sign.

It's a bit beat up, and the seat & seat post were missing. But it did have a rear rack and was a 10 speed. (Correction, when I checked it later, it turned out to be a 24 speed!)

As I started to wheel it back to the apartment one of the other tenants opened his window and called out to me.I know him, but can't remember his name. Seems he was the one who put it out there.

He gave me a quick rundown on the problems that were why he got rid of it.And he mentioned that when he put it out, it had the seat.

The seat isn't a problem, I've got an old one I can put on it.

Apparently the rear wheel may be bent. That could be a bit of a problem. And the derailleurs need adjustment.

Ok, I'm not sure what a new wheel would cost, but I'll see if I can live with it for a while. Ditto for the derailleurs.

And it's a mens bike which means I'll have to step over that center bar. But I can live with that for a while too. At least it has reasonably wide tires so I don't have to deal with those really thin ones.

Since it's not prime riding season, I can take my time getting it outfitted too.

And it's parked *inside* my apartment.

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Still gone. But the store I bought it from still had the info on file so I was able to add the serial # to the police report and the Http:// posting.

Also dug up two more pics of the bike to add to the stolen bike post.

The info I got from the store included when I bought it and for how much.

2015-03-16, $389

Almost nine years,. And the current version sells for $550. *sigh*
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I heard a loud noise out in the hall around 5:30 pm Wednesday. I looked thru the peephole to see the guy in Apt 5 unlocking his door.

Something didn't look right. Then I realized I couldn't see my bike. I threw on a pair of pants and checked it was gone.

I asked when he'd seen it last but he said he hadn't been out of the apartment in days. Though, come to think of it, he'd obviously been coming back from someplace when I saw him.
I asked one of the other two folks on this floor (the other one won't answer her door). She wasn't sure when she'd seen it.

But iI know it was there late Moday night (well, Tuesday morning, actually). I don't recall for certain if I went out of the apartment on Tuesday. I think I did, but I'm not certain.

But best guess is tat it was grabbed sometime Wednesday.
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