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2017-09-22 08:11 pm
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Fay is over for TV night, and I'd quoted something from a story I was reading. It mentioned cheerleaders to which she responded with:

Fay: a goth cheerleader
me: a goth cheer squad
[various comments about school mascot possibilities]
fay: the Raccoon City Revenants
Me: Edgar Allan Poe HS Ravens

We also noted that Gothic Lolita fashions would actually work with cheer stuff because of the short skirts.

Hmmm... maybe twirling parasols instead of pompoms?
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2017-09-19 11:02 pm
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How *not* to design things...

The "pup" in the comics below is Florence a Bowman's Wolf (uplifted wolf species). She's as intelligent as a human.
(after thursday the above will get the wrong strip, try

I agree with Chris's dad. Especially given that it's a mobility device *with communications*. Killing the comms when there's a fault in the drive system is an *insanely* stupid decision.

What stupid design decisions have *you* had to deal with?
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2017-09-16 09:44 pm
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Weird supervillians

I got this one of the Traveller RPG Mailing List.

A long time ago one of the odder (but fun) members designed the PMPP (Pelvic Mounted Plasma Projector). Which this villian's weapon resembles *way* too much.

I don't want to think about recoil effects...
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2017-09-16 07:49 am
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Yay! It's spreading!

Got my flu shot the other day while I was at the pharmacy for something else.

You have to fill out a form with a bunch medical info and some personal.

I noticed one change from last year's form.

For Sex, it now had Male Female and Other.

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2017-09-15 05:10 am
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Linux help

I'm most familiar with Kubuntu, but I want to install Linux on a couple of older boxes that max out at 2 gig of RAM.

Any suggestions on what I should use?
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2017-09-13 10:41 am
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It's been 18 years...

since the great disaster.

Nobody ever figured out what caused the runaway chain reaction in the waste dump on Lunar Farside. But it drove the Moon out of orbit.

Here on Earth the quakes and tidal changes had people's attention.

But now that we've recovered, we have to wonder at the fate of the people on Moonbase alpa.

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2017-09-10 02:39 am
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Post to someone arguing about transgender bathroom access

See comments on second cartoon. But please, don't pile on, from previous experience it'll take careful arguing to *possibly* make a change in his position. Pushing hard will translate int "I'm being persecuted" which helps nobody.

Ok, let's start out simple. People *do* have the legal right to wear whatever they want subject to laws regarding indecent exposure/public indecency.

So. Women can legally wear "mens" clothing. That's been established for most of a century.

Men can legally wear "womens" clothing. that hasn't been established quite as long in some places, but it's still been legal for decades.

This is *settled* law. Not something that is likely to change no matter how loud folks protest.

Now consider the question of bathrooms. Under the law people *do* have the right to use public bathrooms (and that includes the non-employee bathrooms in businesses and schools, etc). Again, very much settled law.

So, If you have someone cross-dressed (be it a woman in mens clothes, a Female-to-Male transsexual,, a male cross-dresser, or a Male-to-Female transsexual) which bathroom do they use?
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2017-09-03 06:03 pm
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Learned a useful trick

I had to repair Windoze on one of my machines because several things weren't working right.

I used a key finder to get the product key because I didn't want to pull the box out from its cubbyhole on the desk. But when all was said and done, I got a "windows needs to be activated" message.

I knew it probably wouldn't work, but I tried the online activation. No surprise, it didn't work (hasn't worked for many years, I forget how long). So I went to choice 2, calling the toll free number.

I had to read the 9 groups of 6-digit numbers to the automated system, and thankfully it was mostly ok with my voice. Then it told me my copy couldn't be activated.

So I shut things down, moved a bunch of stuff and pulled out the computer the read the product key sticker. Sure enough, it was different. Which meant that the number the key finder had given me was an OEM "volume" key which had likely been compromised at some time.

I wrote it down and put everything back. Then when I got back to the activation screen, I did something it said noty to do unless asked to do by a tech. I clicked on the "change product key" button. I figured it was worth trying rather than taking an hour or more to do another "repair" installation.

It gave me a different set of 9 6-digit numbers. I wasn't so lucky with the voice recognition this tiome. When it offered the "if you have a smart phone" option, I decided top try it even though I don't have one. I was hoping that the text message it would send me would let me reply with the string of numbers. No such luck. But it did give me a link to "click" on. since I *don't* have a smart phone, I couldn't click on it. But since I had another system that was working just fine. I carefully copied all those numbers, and switched to that system.

then I typed in the link. It got me a usable screen and I entered the numbers. It gave me an activation code, which I dutifully wrote down. Switching back to the system that needed activation, I entered them. They were accepted. *Yay*.

I hope this "trick" will be useful to other folks who have a phone that can get text messages and have a second computer near the one that needs to be activated
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2017-09-02 08:53 pm
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Remember superman's "World of Cardboard" speech?

If not, here's a link...

I've been reading Wapsi Square from the beginning and I just hit something that trumps that...
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2017-09-02 01:07 am
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People haven't changed

Graffiti from Pompeii

Warning, not terribly worksafe (duh!)
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2017-08-30 05:20 am
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Food stuff

Various interesting things involving food in the last week or so.

To start with, I had trouble with a large jar of green olives with pimentos I got cheap off the clearance Rack. Even with rubber gloves I couldn't the lid to move. I sat there glaring at it and decided to try something weird.

I took a small screwdriver ( about 4.5"/11 cm) and stabbed it through the middle of the lid. Jar opened with no problem after that. This is now on my list of ways to deal with stubborn jar lids. :-)

Oh yeah, I slapped a hunk of duct tape over the hole. If that sounds icky to you, you can always transfer the contents to another container.

I've also been clearing out the freezer some. I've been getting frozen meats from the food boxes faster than I've been using them up. I'm working on thinning the herd.
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2017-08-24 11:31 am
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I'm a *terrible* person

You've no doubt seen the various graphics/signs that have a warning symbol and the text "Do not look into laser with remaining eye!"

Well, I had a thought. And I'm just evil enough to do it.

Print one out, and add another copy of the warning to the bottom of the sign... in Braille.
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2017-08-21 10:53 am

Eclipse was interesting

But not as nice as totality would have been.

Pity we weren't in the zone of totality, but even with what we got there were some interesting effects.

I was in the Albertson's parking lot and looking at the trees and hedge they started looking weirder and weirder. Probably because we were still getting full spectrum light, but it was a lot dimmer than normal.

Colors looked "off" and the the light looked "wrong". I can see why that used to spook people.

I made a point of going out to look because *last* time (1979) it was overcast and you couldn't see anything...
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2017-08-10 08:54 pm
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Recipe suggestions?

Checking what I've got in the freezer, I find that I have several packages of ground pork. Not pork sausage, just ground pork.

Any suggestions on something to use it for?
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2017-08-10 11:23 am
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Grammar silliness

I had an odd thought today.

Both "you" and "they" get rather slippery with regards to number. That is they can both be singular and plural.

As a side note, next time someone tries to get on your case about using they as a gender neutral pronoun, point out that it goers back to at least the 1400, and it wasn't until the latter half of the 1800s that grammarians started trying to discourage it in favor of using "he" in situations where gender was indeterminate. Which is not that acceptable nowadays.

And you gets interesting as well. Many dialects have have evolved phrases that indicate that a plural you is meant.

What triggered all this was a comment in one of [personal profile] fayanora's stories with members of a collective (multiple personalities) noting that they couldn't use "they" as a gender neutral pronoun because they used it to refer to the whole collective.

Since they were British, that caused me to free associate to the expression "you lot" which definitely refers to a group. That lead me to the stereotypical "youse" found in parts of the US east coast.

"You all" (also y'all") is rather more complicated and I'm not sure if it's properly used as a singular or plural. "all y'all" is definitely plural though. :-)

Anybody have any other examples?

Isn't grammar *fun*?
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2017-08-09 02:58 am
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this and that

A while back, something had reminded me of the old movie Repo Man. And when I asked if she'd ever seen it, Fay had said no.

It sort of slipped my mind for a while, but I tracked down a copy. Didn't remember it when Fay came over Monday for our regular TV night.

But as we were shutting things down, I remembered it. I showed her the first few minutes (the traffic stop scene). She was hooked. It'll be first up on our TV night this Friday.

I had some good computer stuff Tuesday. A local computer store is going out of business. Sad, because I *like* being able to actually look things over before buying and not have to deal with shipping.

But they are selling off remaining stock and significant markdowns.

Alas, several things I wanted were already out of stock since I'd checked Monday night. But several others were still available. So off I went.

I just missed a bus and had to sit around in the heat waiting for thee next one. So I walked the long block to where my geocache is located. As I'd feared, it wasn't there. I'll have to replace it in a day or three. Though I really need to make some changes so it doesn't keep disappearing.

Walked back to bus stop, and managed to survive until bus showed. Rode it to the Parkrose TC, then transferred to the 73 and rode it to 122nd & Prescott.

Then came the no fun part of the trip. It's a fairly long walk (for me) from that stop to the computer store. At least this time I'd been smarter than last time and had a bottle of PowerAde Zero along.

Got to the store and picked up the stuff on hold for me. Considered the 19" widescreen monitor they had marked down to $25, but reluctantly decide to pass on it.

Then there was the even longer walk to the Bus stop by the Wendy's as I wanted to pick up some things I'd forgotten to get at Winco on the monthly run on the first.

Got those and headed back out into the heat. Even more bleah. Got home, had some dinner and crashed out for several hours.
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2017-08-09 02:40 am
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The weekend was not kind to my computers.

Kalonia (an IBM Thinkcentre I use for torrents and as a secondary media server/player) went into a coma. That is, when I got up that morning, the power was on but the Teamviewer connection was down. Switching the TV to the VGA input that Kalonia was hooked to, and rebooting didn't help. It'd power up but no video or other stuff.

So I dug it out (had various things on top of it) and took it to the kitchen table which doubles as my workbench. No go, still wasn't responding to things.

So I dug out the hard drive, and stuck it in a Mobile Rack, so I could truy it one a different system. It was readable in Bench (an old Dell Dimension I use for that sort of thing) so I figure it wasn't the problem.

So I put Boskone 2 (a system that died months back) on the table and finished stripping drives (and the all important mobile Rack) from it.

Then Ploor 3 (the Dell Dimension 5100 I got via Freecycle a while back) went on the table and I pulled the (empty) second SATA drive out of it, and replaced it with the 2 TB SATA drive that'd been in an external dock attached to Kalonia.

I also stuck the mobile rack from Boskone 2 in. *That* was a pain. It was hard to get the IDE cable attached to the back of the rack. It was even harder to get the power connector attached (mostly because of the way DEL ran the IDE an floppy cables).
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2017-08-01 10:23 pm

Oh lord, it's real..

Today's Dumbing of Age strip has an "unusual" reference.

Turns out that it's *real*

Note that this is at an elementary school.