Jun. 7th, 2017

poem form?

Jun. 7th, 2017 01:15 pm
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About 50 years ago, my eighth grade English teacher had us writing poems in a form that was quite interesting. I've never run across it since, and (of course) I can't remember all the details.

It was:

adjective, adjective
phrase (can't remember what sort, but there was something specific about it)

I recall one that was:

dull, boring
[can't recall phrase]

I paired it with another one that showed the exact opposite impression of school.

If this isn't something she invented on her own, I'd like to know what it's called and what the rules are.

Blitzkrieg (old gamer joke: tanks in advance)
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Late this morning it was still somewhat tolerable outside. So I took a wicker basket, a pair of gardening scissors and a sprinkler out to the backyard.

The "raised bed" (read re-purposed watering trough) was a riot of greens. The tomatoes in the plot looked mostly ok, but the basil was still kinda wilty.

So I set the sprinkler on our plot and went to work on the tub (fay and I call it that for shorthand). Some web research had shown that the big brown patches on the chard were infestations of a sort of beetle larva that lives *inside* the leaves.

So I spent some time carefully trimming out the infested parts, and sometimes just cutting off whole leaves. The chard plants were greatly reduced, but should survive.

I also trimmed some of the adjacent spinach leaves that looked like they'd gotten hit. No need to worry about *those* plants surviving!

This had taken a while because it was awkward to work around the plants, and I had trouble with my back. I finally dragged up one of the plastic chairs and sat down to work on things.
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