Jun. 5th, 2017

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Some time ago, I noticed the pharmacy I use had a newer version of my glucometer.

Back in 2002, I was supplied with a One Touch Ultra meter after going to a diabetes class given by my HMO. It still works ok, though it has a few quirks.

I got the cables and software top hook it up to the computer. Tis is useful because I can plot graphs and other reports, which my doctors like very much when I come in for checkups.

But the meter wasn't always connecting well to the cable, and the software decided whether a reading was before or after a meal, and what meal based solely on time, with no input from me. This made many of the reports rather less than useful.

The new meter, the Ultra 2, let you *tell* it things about the tests. And research online showed that it'd work with the cables I already had.

So a few weeks back I asked the folks at the pharmacy to see if I could get a new meter. They checked with my insurance. The good news was that I could. the bad news was that I'd have to go thru the company that I get my test strips, syringes, etc from. And I'd just done an order with them.

Fortunately, a mistake on their end had them calling me last week. Seems somebody had told the computer to ask me about re-ordering in 30 days instead of 90.

We got that cleared up, and since I had them on the phone anyway, I asked about getting the new meter. No problem, They'd have one shipped to me.

It arrived today. The case is a bit better designed, though it does lack the belt loop. The "manual" is this *huge* sheet of paper ( D sized?) folded a gazilion times. But it was pretty straightforward to read the info, I just had to keep unfolding and refolding sections.

I downloaded the reading from the old meter and put it away in the box the new meter came in. Also made sure the software could talk to the new meter.

In a few hours I'll be making my first test with the new meter. Hopefully things will go fine. I'll just have to go thru the menus. I'll get used to them soon enough.

And now I have the old meter as a spare, which is good.

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