May. 14th, 2017

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While reading yet more of [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith's Polychrome Heroicsstuff I glanced at my default icon and had the thought of what she might be like in T-America.

The antennae suggest insect related abilities. And since I'd just been discussing UV vision, we can throw that in. Likely polarized light detection too. But let's keep the eyes fairly normal looking.

The vision will be from birth. Have the antennae grow in later.

So the first sign that something is different will be when she starts to talk and and argues with her parents about colors. Like talking about the spots one white flowers (some have UV reflective spots on them to attract bees, for example)

I'm assuming some clueful parents, so she'll eventually get some specialized eye exams that'll figure out at least part of it.

One silly thought I had is at a later follow up, they happen to have a couple of *labeled* cards for UV ranges. Say, UVA and UVB. Which with her minimal reading skills she reads as "uv-uh" and "uvb". So she starts using those for color names.

She can probably see several colors in each range, but given the way many cultures with fewer/different color words work (for example, they consider everything from blue to green one color and all the reds, oranges and violets another) she may well lump them all into just the two categories.

Not sure when the antennae will start to grow in, and what they'll be good for. Probably scent and some other things.

Oh yeah, she's gonna go with "Buglet" because that's what her dad called her. "How's my little buglet today?"

Lots of stuff to fill in and thinking to do about stuff like her in kindergarten and the early grades.

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