Mar. 29th, 2017

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Got Yet Another Idea, and I want to check if it's workable.

Basically, want someone or ones to find some rocks in a stream. And get surprising results when they run tests (need reasons for them to run the tests, too).

Crystal quartz, rutile, periclase, sapphire, hematite, and some others (need to look up names for other minerals that will be involved, all metal oxides). All of similar size and "well polished".

The surprising results are that the rocks are pure. That is the quartz is SiO2 with nothing else, rutile is TiO2, sapphire is Al2O3, etc. No contaminants, no inclusions, perfect crystal structures.

If they go for *really* fancy testing, there will be more oddities.

Once they get suspicious I'm assuming the same trick used for finding gold deposits will work. That is, keep sampling as you go upstream and hopefulluy the concentration gets higher as you approach the source. And it you suddenly quit finding it, you start check up tributaries or side canyons, right?

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