Jan. 15th, 2017

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I have a "trick" when I'm making hot tea or instant cider. I don't fill the cup all the way, then I can add a couple of ice cubes to get it to drinking temp more quickly.

I normal boil water in a kettle on the stove for this sort of thing, but I got a new, microwave safe mug the other day, so I used that.

Filled up to what I judged was the right depth, pour in the packet of instant cider, and put it in the microwave on "sensor reheat".

When it finally dinged, it was smelling yummy. so I sat the mug on top of the microwave, grabbed the ice tray, and dropped in a cube.

Much to my surprise, the water boiled violently (as in it was mounded up over an inch in the middle of the mug!!)

My best guess is that I'd accidentally achieved that "superheated water" trick with the microwave. I suspect that if I'd dropped in anything else the result would have been far less pleasant. The cold of the ice probably reduced the steam release by quite a bit.

Maybe I'll let the mug sit for a minute or three before I take it out of the microwave in the future.

ps After 4 ice cubes and several minuites it's still more than 150F. a bit too hot to drink yet.

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