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Today was [personal profile] fayanora's birthday. I'd been planning to drag her to the Chang's Mongolian Grill near the Winco we shop at for a long time. This seemed like a good opportunity.

I'd been going to buy her lunch, but when she'd been checking the hours online, she discovered that you can get a free meal on your birthday. So I wound up just paying for her drink and an all day bus ticket for her. Going get her something else when my SS comes in.

She'd never been to one before but she loved it. The best part is that you get to pick your own ingredients, so she was able to avoid stuff she has problems with, and try stuff she wasn't sure about. That last is because it's an all you can eat, so you add a bit of something you aren't sure of on a second or third trip.

We'd decided to postpone the big Winco trip until we get our SS money on Monday. But since we were only a block away, we did pick up a few things. I spotted a bunch of cell phone stuff in a bin marked down to $6.95 each.

I grabbed a bluetooth speaker. At that price, it wasn't a big loss if if wasn't very good. actually turns out to be not too bad (especially for the price. It's a BT-S10. I figured out how to pair it with my phone but had to go online to get more info about it because there was *no* documentation with it.

I knew it'd play stuff via bluetooth, and after looking it and the included cable over, I figured out you could also plug it into the stereo jack on a phone/tablet/whatever. but there didn't seem to be a volume copntrol, and there was something labeled a TF port.

Found docs online. Turns out the volume is controlled be the same weird switch that does play/pause and track change.

Big news is that it turns out that the "TF port" is a microSD slot and it'll play files from the card. Have to mess around with that some, but it could be useful.

Date: 2017-07-02 02:49 pm (UTC)
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I have twice purchased BlueTooth receivers which plug into my home entertainment center to try and play things from my laptop on the bigger sound system. Both times the results were very disappointing. (Maybe I should stop buying cheap BlueTooth components? Nah...)

However! Both the laptop and the center have HDMI! This past holiday season I was playing audio and video from the laptop over the system and via that showed video on my plasma TV!

Having learned how, during the family get-together on Christmas I was playing stuff over my Mother's TV, which she didn't even know had HDMI! (Well, I didn't, either, until I checked.)
Edited Date: 2017-07-02 02:50 pm (UTC)

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