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.. it *burns* us.

Ok, I'm not that opposed to sunshine. Record high temperatures on the other hand.

The official high at the airport (2 miles away) was 98 or 99). My apartment *only* got to 97.

Currently, at 4:30 in the morning, 84 (86 at the computer). It's 78 outside but even with the fans running full blast, it's still 84 in here. Bah.

And today is supposed to get even hotter.

Looked at the website and the portable air conditioner I want is still available. But they'd have to ship it. Free shipping wouldn't get it here until July 7th. I can't afford he 2-day shipping at the moment ($69). But I should get my pension sometime this week, so that'll let me order it and *still* get it quicker than the free shipping by *days*.

Date: 2017-06-25 11:51 pm (UTC)
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...Sorta glad I'm not in town for this?

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