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Last night (well early this morning if you want to get technical) I was doing the usual bit. Check my blood sugar, and inject insulin as needed.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was (for once) low enough I didn't need any insulin-R. (116 mg/dL)

So I did the usual nightly injection of Insulin-N since I was going to go to bed soon. I know I used the N, because I keep the vials in distinctly different containers, and the R is clear, while the N is milky. I also distinctly remember rolling the vial to mix it (N settles if you don't mix it gently).

The injection went the same as usual. But a while later I was starting to sweat a lot. I figured it was just the fact I'd turned off the fan in the living room window. So I laid down on the bed, hooked up the CPAP and tried to get to sleep.

But I was *still* sweating like a stuck pig. and I realized my heart was pounding. I grabbed the pulse oximeter that I had on the night stand and check. O2 saturation was ok, but my pulse was over 100. WTF?

I suspected i was having a hypoglycemic episode. So I put the oximeter on its lanyard around my neck and clipped my cell phone to it (I do *not* intend to ever be one of those folks who falls down and can't get to the phone, thank very much!). Then I carefully got up (for once I was thank for the crowded state of the room, lots of things to brace myself with).

Just sitting up made me dizzy. Yep hypoglycemia was looking likely. Bleah. Got over to the computer, sat down and grabbed to glucometer. The reading was 39. WTF!

Definitely not good, I worked my way to the fridge and grabbed to bottle of orange juice and got back to the chair. I poured myself a glass and drank it. Then another. (real fruit juice is a recommended way to get your blood sugar up fast).

I could have used the emergency glucose tabs or even some hard candy I keep just in case, but I figured I needed the fluids.

I texted Fay to let her know I was having trouble and to get help if I didn't check back with her soon. It's nice having a friend only a few apartments away. She texted back o ask how long and I told her 30 minutes (it's not like I was going to *die* in that much time, but if I wasn't able to respond, I'd definitely need help.

I'd had a definite need to pee since I got up (which was weird because I'd done it before going to bed. On the way to the bathroom, another need made itself known. I barely made it in time. Lets just say I was several pounds lighter and it was not remotely solid.

A recheck of my blood sugar had it up to 130 so that was good. I finished off the bottle of juice, let Fay know my blood sugar was back to normal and made a PB&J sandwich to have something that'd give some longer term carbs.

This is my second (third?) instance of hypoglycemia. At least it confirms what I suspected from previous bouts. Sweating like hell is *definitely* one of my warning signs. This is the first time it was so sudden though.

Previous instances were a case of wake up not feeling great and discover I had it.

I'm just really puzzled by this episode. I mean even if I'd accidentally injected into a vein the insulin-N should have done anything *that* fast, should it? Oh well another question to run past the doc next visit.

And now, breakfast!

Date: 2017-06-19 11:56 pm (UTC)
alatefeline: Painting of a cat asleep on a book. (Default)
From: [personal profile] alatefeline
Ugh. I'm sorry. Bodies are very puzzling things.

Date: 2017-06-20 01:34 pm (UTC)
stickmaker: (Bust image of Runner)
From: [personal profile] stickmaker

Yow! I'm glad you were paying attention.

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